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  • Bump Getting a new job as of next week and I'll be working 9am-5pm so no longer looking for a nightowl guild. Looking for a US guild that plays around 5pm-12am during the week, I'm looking to get introduced into the PVP world as it seems a lot of it is guild based and solo PVP ain't worth it imo.

  • Demolishing founder house

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    So if I demolish the founder house will I get the anchor back to rebuild it?

  • BUMP

  • Looking for a noob-friendly guild (US) that plays around central time 5pm-12am during the week. I'm fairly new and it's been hard to find a guild that plays around the same time as me. I might be a founder but haven't found time to play the game over the years due to other MMO's.

  • Quote from Liracy: “Quote from Zumzat: “Dear Liracy, there is a $hit ton of no pvp no loot no danger happy carebear rainbowlands online games, why don't you go and play one of them instead of trying to spoil nearly the only free pvp/full loot ray of hope for the last 5-7 years or so? Maybe this is a wrong game for you? (c)” Because I am not playing the game for its pvp, I am playing it for its awesome crafting / gathering / player economy. You PvPers will figure it out that the game is NOT all a…