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Picking up items from the marketplace should have a checkbox: do not pick up more than 100% weight

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[Service] Trusted Third Party: Bogul - Escrow Services

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Buildings should have a built-in storage chest

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The focus equilibrium conundrum

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[WTB] Are you maxed out in one refining tree? Sell me your focus! Minimal effort for you! (collateral required)

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Dieing in the mists and respawning in Brecilien puts you too far away from the chest or the marketplace.

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Golden Whale Conglomerate - An Analysts News & Market Report

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Golden Whale Conglomerate: a refininer and trader community & Albions first publicly traded business

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let me exchange brazillian reputation for a portal to a guaranteed high rarity or high tier mist portal, like hellgate maps

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make mist portals show their tier

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Dead Elite Granite Resource Mobs don't show rarity glow.

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Time to skin is not equal: T5 Sabretooth Tiger vs T5 Terrorbird

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WTS: Complete Arena Veteran Vanity Sets - Limited Availability

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Recieving reminder to connect twitch account eventhough i'm already linked up

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Tradeable and Untradeable (?) Arena Display is listed on the market as possible items

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You can overfeed animals if you shift + left-click them and waste food.

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Holding Shift during Mount feeding / picking up should disable mount-up on your own mount

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Private Island - Rocks block the path if Kennels are placed.

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PSA: Free Access to Public Laborers in Merlyn's Rest to purchase Laborer Journals.

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Remove T3 drops from the T5 blackzone mob loot table.

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