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  • I sent a help ticket to my account regarding payment issues, and have not received response for 2 days now....

  • nothing to say...

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    Just bought dozens of these, thanks for the investment tip!

  • <War Blood> is recruiting any-and-all players, to mass up force, And fight against these *CORRUPT* mega-alliances, As they stomp down all small guilds and alliances in the area! Fight *AGAINST* the corruption [BEE], [POE], [WHO], [YOU]! Whether you are new-or-veteran, Gatherer or farmer, Crafter or hellgates, You can help us with your activity and presence alone. No member is left-out! Contact Atmaweapon in-game, Get your ass to Lymhurst, And fight the good fight *TODAY*!

  • Vile Curse UP

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    It should only remove one tick of DOTs, not all of them, good idea

  • There's so many factors most of you are ignoring. That's why these "discussions" shouldn't be taken seriously. People bitched and cried to nerf ganking, and they did, and then came back, and started to bitch and cry again. Why? Here's what happened. Did ganking "go away"? Did it really get "nerfed"? No and No. What happened, is what I've been saying from the start, the Mega-alliances further capitalized on their power. Now it is even harder than before, and ever, for small guilds, small alliance…

  • Vile Curse UP

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    No other weapon in this game is hard-countered by a measly helmet... it's an embarrassment of game design and balance, and has gone on for far too long now. Imagine a helmet that gave "fire immunity for 10 seconds AND a group heal" on a 30 second cooldown. That would be what guardian helmet is to curse staff.

  • The problem here is, of course, what I expected and "I told you so". SBI gave the whiners and criers an inch, now they want a mile. They're still crying. They're "still being ganked". So they called for more nerfs. This is what I'm up against. We have to keep arguing, debating, everyday, because the pussies want to expand the pink zone. We need to realize, they're ruining the game, slowly. The black zone is ALREADY PINK. (invisibility on realm gates) So we are losing the battle. We need to fight…

  • Here's what I want: when you enter black zone, you should expect to fight your way through three different groups of 15+ gankers. If you can't fight your way through, then GTFO. If you can't make friends, and learn to fight, then GTFO. If you can't survive, then DIE. This is how the black zone should be. BLACK, not pink.

  • I've done every kind of PVP this game has to offer, multiple times. Black Zone should stay Black, simple as that. Not PINK, like you and the others cry about. Ganking and PVP should be buffed, not nerfed. Get rid of invisibility at realm gate. Get rid of immunity bubbles (half length at least). Buff ganking and dismounting (half cooldown when dismounting offensively). All the crybabies, STFU AND STAY IN TOWN. Go play in blue and yellow zones, instead of ruining pvp for the black zone. You BELONG…

  • So you've run out of arguments? Thought so.... NEXT!

  • I fight outnumbered very often. So you clearly are arguing against delusions. Doesn't mean the entire game should change, just because you can't make any friends or work as a team. Same applies to any other trying to gimp and nerf the black zone.

  • You're the one claiming to know what's "fair" in the black zone, meaning 20 v 20, 20 v 40, 40 v 60, 80 v 80. Yet you can't even make a simple point. There is no "fair" nor should there be. Numbers is advantage. Some, smarter and skilled players, can win or escape 1v3, 1v5, 1v10, etc. But YOU are not one of them. Black zone should be dangerous. Not make it PINK, like you and others cry about daily. YOU CHOOSE to enter it. Nobody is forcing you. Yet, still you bitch. STAY IN BLUE ZONE. That's all …

  • More tears, You, and many other players, don't belong in the black zone. Stay in BLUE and PINK zone, thinking you are courageous.

  • Here is what players should do... You die because 10 gankers killed you in BZ? Make some friends. *STOP* This is the hard part. This requires effort. This requires teamwork. And I guarantee those on the forum, nerfing ganking and BZ PVP, don't want to do these. They/You don't want to make friends, don't want to group up, because this requires the real effort and "work". So you made some friends... (lol?) Now, go out there, chase the gankers away, fight them, kill them, chase them down. Too hard?…

  • Toothless are the babies who die to gankers in black zone, cry on the forum, and never learn how to fight.

  • REMOVE invisibility, immunity bubbles, cooldowns when dismounting, if you really care about pvp and this game. Stay in BLUE zone, sucking your thumbs, if you can't handle it.

  • Quote from Tabor: “I am not sure how you are even having fun in the current BZ Theat. It is either 10 man ganks squads, 50 person bubbles, or a deserted wasteland. Nothing in between. If that is the intention of the BZ than they should remove about 100 of the zones currently available because they are unnecessary. ” Because I like to fight. I can make friends. I'm not an anti-social kids who thinks he "deserves" to 1v5 or 1v10. It's "fair" to build your own group, and learn to fight. It's fair t…