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  • With 1500 health cap on the mounts, it might force players to have to only use builds that have the ability to dismount. A lot of other weapons with no catch or dismount potential will be unusable PvP wise in the mists. This is my only concern when looking at the mount issues that were addressed. Thank you for bringing amazing updates!

  • Pve limitations?

    ProfessorScythe - - Beginner's Questions


    Yellow/Blue zones are an amazing way to get introduced to the game through pve content covering Dungeons, Group instances, Faction and gathering! This is the best way to get started on all of your gathering levels to T5 as well as getting some weapons and armor levels before jumping into higher content! The Higher Tier zones like Red and Black zones have the T6 and up content as well as resources to collect! You are going to want to collect in these zones once you want to move on past Tier 5 and…

  • Excited for these changes! I tried out the Arcane Staff and it feels amazing! Glad SBI is putting in the work to keep the game fresh and balanced!