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  • Welcome to the forum @AnaOniMouse, You can send a ticket to the support team here: so they can assist you in troubleshooting your issue. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from SulivarMartinez: “I ENTERED A FUCKING SOLO DUNGEON AND I DIE BECAUSE A NERD IS CAMPING INSIDE A FUCKING SOLO DUNGEON i'm mad ” Welcome to the forum @SulivarMartinez, Players that enter a solo random dungeon are usually waiting for it to close near the entrance. If you see someone inside, you're free to leave the dungeon without attacking the other player. Quote from SulivarMartinez: “i want my gear back ” Unfortunately, you can't have your gear back if you died to another player. Plea…

  • Heya @unsprezece11 The subscription from the starter pack will renew when you have 3 or fewer premium days remaining. You can find the same information on the upper right side of the checkout page.…3605218ef9c889157fbbcc51a You can also cancel the subscription anytime by going to this page: If you have any other account-related concerns, you can send the support team a message by creating a ticket here:…

  • Not getting the security code

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    Quote from AechGoat: “Having the same issue. No code in email (and I'm entirely sure it's the right one); haven't played in years and just thought maybe I'd give it a try but- ” Welcome back to Albion Online @AechGoat! Please send a ticket to the support staff here so they can check on your concern. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “Well some people just have a tendency to attract unwanted attention from unwanted people and that generally devolves into a maddening frenzy of insults that can result in pages long @Evas_Flarelight i do hope mods can help monitor the posts on forums more tightly to reduce clutter (Spams of advertisement) and move interpersonal fights to banter more often its hard to get a good thread to read these days when half of every thread i read is a complain to SBI on how bad…

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Well, thats probably an education topic. If this old White Guy calls my Home africa "a shitty place irl" thats Not racist at ITS finest? ” There were no slurs used in that statement. Quote from Beelzebab: “- Bad language is permitted but you may not use racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise bigoted slurs under any circumstances ”

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “@Evas_Flarelight just double checking - hate speech like this .."Your probably in a shitty place IRL and use this to escape" and all the other things said in this thread is okay? I am just double checking to see where you see boundaries of hate speech, personal insult and mobbing. If u think that tone is okay, i can adjust to it, too. ” Generally, speaking we do not consider this as "Hate Speech". It's more of an insult, to be honest. Posts like this are allowed in the Fo…

  • Quote from Nya1: “Quote from Trial_hard: “I Always Wonder what the purpose of Moderators IS, If i read Threads Like this without any Moderation i start from scratch ” Only to sound important. ” Hello, I'm here to sound important /s

  • @Clovis I sent you DM, please check on it. Thanks. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from Clovis: “Hello everyone. I would like to know something, but first let me tell everything that I can remember about the subject. Back in 2010`s years I bought the game, in that time albion wasnt even on steam and you had to buy it from their own website.. Arrived at the game because I heard that could be the successor of Ultima Online with the possibility of playing also in the smartphone, bought it and played for few days maybe a week and didnt enjoyed it at first look. 5 years + alr…

  • Nomore

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    I'm now closing this thread. Please email for any support-related concerns. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Hi everyone, I'm now locking this thread. Support-related issues should be directed to the support staff instead of the forums. You can read more about the forum rules here: In-game Chat Moderation & Forum Rules If you have any questions, feel free to send me a DM. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • @EscapeTheMeta, we highly recommend you contact the support team instead of posting your concern on the forum. The forum staff do not have access to player accounts and we do not handle account-related concerns. I'm now locking this thread, if you have further questions you can send me a DM. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Hi @nagia Please make sure not to bump your ticket, it's sent to the end of the queue when you do that. I'm now closing this thread since it's a support-related concern, feel free to DM me if you have questions. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Heya, Chromebooks run on ChromeOS. It's not a supported operating system as shown here: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • My account is randomly banned

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    I'm now locking this thread since it's a support-related concern. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Welcome to the forum @nodeatplz Please email or create a ticket here: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • @Godplay101 You can find the Google Form in this thread: High Ping & Connection Issue Reports If you're unable to provide the required information on that form, you can also email so they can help troubleshoot your connectivity issue. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • @ken7 Please wait for the support team's reply. It's highly recommended that you do not bump or update your ticket unless you have something important to add to it. Each time you bump your ticket it's sent to the back of the queue. I'm now locking this thread. Support-related concerns are better addressed by the support team. This is also mentioned in the In-game Chat Moderation & Forum Rules Feel free to DM me if you have questions. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from Emptyhand: “hello Any future plans for Albion online currency (Gold) to become cryptocurrency? ” That is highly doubtful: Crypto Scam Warning Quote from Korn: “Hi all, We have been made aware of various fraud attempts in the crypto currency world related to Albion Online. Somebody claims to be selling / listing Albion Online crypto currency and claims that you can you use in connection with the game. Be advised that this is a scam. Do not invest into this under any circumstances. Also…