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  • Lost all skins on test server

    Butty - - Bugs Testserver


    It may not be important on test server, but if the bug transfers to live, it'd be a trouble for many players. 1.png (the skin in the menu is equipped, but is locked.) 2.png (the skin is no longer equipped as soon as the mount used)

  • Pls, SBI, don't leave orange chest to be soloable, atleast tweak the boss (and increase fame from both mobs/boss) i know, you can do it, it's not that hard! (Pic 1) large Blue feels much better and tougher, now it's more appropriate for bigger groups. I still believe some minor boss tweaks could be cool for more fun experience, but is already as it is. Some icons are missing (Pic 2) Smaller chests can be opened without clearing all of the mobs (Pic 3) The reward, based on silver bags, seem super…

  • 1. Bosses still soloable (there are only yellow and orange); 2. Most of the Elite mobs are soloable (probably is not important as long as №1 is fixed); 3. Elite Mobs/bosses never upgrade overtime (it's always yellow on small and orange on large); 4. Elite Mobs offer low fame compared to Veteran versions; 5. Elite chests took too many good T6/T8 spots from Veteran chests, so now majority of the Veteran chests are t4, these could be upgraded to atleast T5.

  • Raid bosses on gold chests are still 10k hp (soloable) and still drop only 40k fame (which is the same as regular mobs on group chests) consider revisiting the numbers, thanks. Update: Like half of the group chests in the avalonian roads were replaced by raid versions. wasn't it suppose to be small scale content, while deeper connections were meant for raids ?

  • Solo 610% statics could be used in the mists as PVE/PVP opportunity

  • Quote from Schmellow: “ Something needs to be done to chest respawn rate. Mobs spawn much faster than bosses do, and you still don't have to clear whole site (you have to on smallest sites, former blue and big green - only main room) ” Not only it takes ~3 hours for the yellow boss chests to respawn. Since yellow boss chests offer barely any decent group loot, they also need to upgrade, which is another ~5 hours. Often, these yellow bosses/chests taken by solo players, at the end, there's nothin…

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “ - - Increased reward factors for Static Randomized Dungeons ” No worries, it is already returned next patch!

  • Quote from Deadlus: “You can currently do a t6/t8 Gold Chest Boss with 2 people ”…gyW3NBzk4DjgLkFZ2J4AaABAg You mean solo ?


  • Quote from Amoebius76: “for me it still shows the +388% Bonus in the Static Dungeon in the Roads. ” The reason for "+388%" is because it was a "blue" enchantment which is the same as in open world GRD "x.1" If the dungeon has no enchantment it will be 160%; green ench is 271% etc. The old bonus in the Static GRD, however, was at the mark of 610% The bonus removal/rework wasn't mentioned in the patch notes, so could be considered a bug.


  • Chest despawn time

    Butty - - Feedback Testserver


    Please, increase the time it takes for the chest to despawn, 5 minutes may not be enough for group if had to engage in pvp after chest have been unlocked, but not fully looted yet.

  • A few group chest bugs

    Butty - - Bugs Testserver

    Post 1) Mobs outside of the camps block the chest opening 2) Respawning minions relock the chest 3) Mobs can spawn outside of the map 4) Visible chest quality 5) CC-chaining knockback effects 6) chest despawn time is way too short (5 minutes)

  • Quote from CallMeGosu: “you dont even need big groups. the reworked green chests can be easy cleared by duos. finding 1-2 people to group with should not be too hard. ” This is what i have to disagree with. You need atleast a healer, tank to be able to kill one of the bosses, that's in 1500ip, and some of the bosses take forever to kill, its exhausting (100k hp is kinda overtuned for a small group) and to be even worse, if you have 2+ players, mob hp scaling makes it worse (could be a bug).

  • Is it intended that bonus in static group dungeons within the roads is now gone, it is not stated in the patch notes.

  • Roads are for small groups

    Butty - - Bugs Testserver


    If there are 2+ players fighting the mob, it's hp increase, so, roads are meant two players ? the mace boss currently is undo able without a tank (minimal is 3 players) while (red) knight boss, can easily be done duo, same for the rest of the bosses. what is the recommended group then, if 2+ is too much, and 2 man suffer on a boss ? Either Albion outnumber support should go or Avalonian warrior should be tuned down or both. (also maybe decrease the hp of the bosses, it feels way too much like a …

  • You can see chest quality if click on the chest

  • It seems like recent update lowered reward in the RoA across the board: 1. The silver drops from the mobs are nerfed by 95% (1600->90)(60000->0). 2. Blue chests no longer drop runes, soul, relics, which makes it more BM depended and (we all know how fun currently solo dungeons with depended loot). 3. All the bosses are just lazy copies of Avalonian dungeon mobs. 4. Warrior boss(orange) seems much harder than any of the (red) bosses present. 5. The reward based on silver bags is also lowered by a…

  • The static group dungeons in the avalonian roads seem pretty useless after this update, the 610% bonus is removed, instead now the dungeons can be enchanted just like in OW. It may all look fine at first, but: - It is shown on the minimap - It doesn't grant any extra bonuses compared to regular GD in OW; - The enchantment butterflies tell if there's group farming it or not (OW dungeons are much safer in that case); - Fame wise compared to the RoA chests/mobs rework even t4 roaming mobs grant mor…

  • The static group dungeons in the avalonian roads seem pretty useless after this update(the 610% bonus is removed, instead now the dungeons can be enchanted just like in OW): 1)It is shown on the minimap; 2)It doesn't grant any extra bonuses compared to regular GD in OW; 3)The enchantment butterflies tell if there's group farming it or not, increasing the risk drastically without rewarding the players doing it. Something is required to make it worthwhile. Maybe revert the change ? Maybe extra %lo…