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  • I'm logged in just fine but i'm on Ubuntu 17.04.

  • SBI Tried to merge UO and Eve, but then wanted to turn a massive instant profit so they are adding a bit of WoW into it. Just like us players in their game, if they don't specialize in one thing they are going to have a bad time.

  • I fully support this. Currently we drop alliane or guild to fight the other group, but this is correct. Both teams should be automatically hostile towards one another.

  • Doesn't that kinda negate the entire bragging rights when you can have all the rewards with none of the participation?

  • It's a level 70 ability in mace, the only tank or scout weapon that even has an ability that high, and it's terrible. With a mistcaller, I can stall mana for 2 seconds, with a cooldown of 2.26 with food. With it's inferior damage to Defensive Slam, coupled with loss of the utility of Defensive slam, it's worthless. Not enough damage to poke, not enough mana stall to make a difference. You can't joust with any player and you can't stay on any player for it to make a difference. What I propose is …

  • @Scotia I was among those that left because of Trammel, however after trammel was launched, the subs went way up, more people than ever started playing and the game went for years afterwards. I was friends with one of the developers that worked with UO after trammel who went on to work on SWTOR and we had this argument all the time till he showed me the numbers. UO became even more popular after trammel. Maybe not for those of us that started in it, but it definetly did go on to achieve an even …

  • Full loot was always a mistake. They might want to learn why Trammel was introduced, and how it bumped up the numbers for years.

  • The outter ring is cancer. It takes so long and boring fame to get a weapons/armor to useful that you can't just switch and be useful. You have to switch, and grind forever to be useful.

  • SBI seriously messed up when they added tiers to gear to make it equivalent. Flat 5 should be better than 4.3, period. You can be too successful in flat broken gear and that's a bad thing especially with the mount changes coming.

  • @Finale What you need to realize is I've got more pvp, and more gaming experience than you do. I already dungeon and fame farm in black dungeons, red dungeons, and yhg. The problem is it's boring. It's incredibly boring. It's mind numbingly boring to run dungeons, and expeditions for fame farming. It's super boring. It's also not viable to run into RHG until your group of players is on par with your competitition gear / db wise.

  • There seems to be a lot of you that are pissed randoms aren't roaming through your black zones enough to gank. There is plenty of activity in Yellow Zones. YHG there are tons fo fights, capped, and yellow siege camps are always a hotbed of activity. The reason why people don't participate that often in black zones... is because you're normally competeing against superior gear/destiny board. Everyone else is trying to catch up. Have fun. Not run around donating gear to zerg guilds or guilds that …

  • Quote from Dragnon: “adding fame farm to arena will literally be the nail in the coffin of open world anything in this game ” Except, you can't earn silver/gear in arena. So people will still need to go out and fight for gear/reources/runes/sigils money.

  • The thing is... dugneons are currently so crowded, or they aren't and you're still stuck mindlessly grinding on boring content, so you can go pvp on equal footing. Since there won't be any fame available in Arena... we'll still have to go do the ridiculous mindless grind (that top players got to skip due to exploit early/often).

  • Quote from Samanthat: “Hi Michael,Players will not be able to generate gear fame in the arenas.Cordially,Samantha ” So... That answers that. Got a response on facebook to the jospeh patch notes announcement. Back to boring ass stupid expedition/dungeon farming. PvE so I can PvP.

  • Quote from Dulu: “Nerf the fame in yellow HG's. Buff the fame in Red/Black HG's. ” Yeah, except... no. There are plenty of us who are still trying to get up to 100/100 and did not get to exploit all the chests and beta secrets to get ahead of the curve. We still need a way to skill up to competitive levels without having to go get new gear ALL the time. Like I told you before. If you want more FIGHTS then head to yellow zone hellgates. there's generally TONS of fights to be had. But what it look…

  • Please allow fame farm in arena, your pve is incredibly boring. Please allow fame farm. In arena. Even in black zones, even in red zones, even in every single dungeon. The only fame farm I enjoy is YHG. Because there's even footed pvp.

  • Quote from Dulu: “Game will be dead if they launch Arena and don't do something about how efficient expeditions are. ” No, the game will thrive. Streaming viewership will sky rocket, the game will truly shine when arena comes up. If you're "bored" with your current HG, try doing yellow HG when you have to fight off several other groups trying to get in.

  • But what people really want, are fair fights, or fights where they have the advantage. There is already so much griefing / exploiting going on in over populated red dungeons and such. Why do you think currently YHG are so popular? capped skill based fights rather than fighting in red/black vs 100/100 tier 7/8 players.

  • People that want to pvp, are pvp'ing. It wouldn't increase the numbers, it would just lower the population of the game. Casual players generally are the bulk of profit for any game. This game is obviously in the business of making as much money as possible, so they need to cater to the casual as well. You have red/black zones, red/black hg, what else do you want?

  • If you think black zones are dead now, wait till Arena...