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  • Quote from WorldofPain: “This game is pretty hopeless for new players. You are left behind. Most players are at end content. ” Like every mmorpgs in this world when de game is live for like 2 years... Quote from Dc1a0: “Wrong, if you can see something but can't take it the second they come out of safety, then it's not full loot. Also, I shouldn't have to see it, even in safe zones if I can't take it. Like actual full-loot games, people should either have to leave it in the bank to adore it, or r…

  • Quote from Xciter: “...see bow quite often in open world ” warbow

  • The base concept of the personal hideout is good but there is room for improvement and lots of issues that can be problematic in the state of what you propose.

  • I think he was trolling you

  • Game ded? or naw

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    Quote from Dc1a0: “Plenty of bank systems in other games easily have mechanics to store these variables, whether they're full-loot or not. If you want to see what a real full-loot game is like play a game called "Eternal Lands" long enough to get out of newbie status, and then die. Then, you will understand what full-loot really means, and, last I played, they did it without the n+x meta or mentality. While that game is a great example of full-loot, it has its other problems. Fact of the matter …

  • Quote from Chronolink: “For the most part I think I agree with you, the spell is great for PvE but it is severely lacking in PvP. I don't mind that it was switched to Q instead of W because W has the channel heal which I find to be more effective in 1v1, however, yesterday I could reasonably defend and win a fight against a player in 1v1 and today I haven't been able to at all and it would seem that Revitalize now has a 15 second cooldown instead of 7 seconds which effectively negates any impact…

  • I've tested the druid change and tbh i like a lot this thorn damage change and i'm whiling to go 400/400 druid staff rn. The thorn spell deals as much damage per auto as the whispering bow E auto, as a shorter range but has aoe damage, almost getting the thorns permanently (maybe 1 auto without and a .5 cast time and that's all) versus a 10s downtime on whispering while you deal only the bow auto attack damage. Also the fact that you w and e are free for heal/support options it puts you on that …

  • Rather than just nerfing guardian helmet (which i think is good atm and doesn't need any change whatsoever), I would suggest that when applying death curse the damage when it explode is based on the maximum stack you could put during the timer. Example : You apply death mark on somebody with 3 stacks. He purges immediatly and you don't apply dots after that. You will get the 3 stack damage anyway. It will make the guardian helm thinking twice based on situation when using the spell rather than w…

  • Purging Potions

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    If the potion in only to self cast for you then why not. Otherwise it's a OMEGA NO. Enough purges implemented in the game.

  • Quote from Drama420: “Quote from Owlsane: “it can purge all debuffs on you. ” only damage over time effects ” Really? Damn... my bad but still usefull anyway

  • The spell is called sacrifice. So you do a sacrifice for somebody. Quite a good change tbh and healers can still use for clutch high heal burst. There is also a good variant now you can use guardian instead of gg helm. Less heal but enough to do something+it can purge all debuffs on you.

  • Listen kid. If you feel that there is only mega alliances in the round table and you wan't to shake up something about the game, just hit the silver rank with you guild (you know it's 15k points you will get half with the guild challenge and the other half with mages) hitting this milestone and you will get acces to the round table. You're welcome kid.

  • Quote from Nwiz: “I will give an example easily. absolutely any axes will fall to their knees, because the СС - 0. All that they can farm and die ” So if you have a cc in your head/amror/boots, it's an autowin. Uh oh. Where is your cc guys?

  • go play tree of savior or tera for example then come back one week later trust me you won't tell albion is dead anymore

  • the game is dying

    Owlsane - - Rants


    oh no an another "g43m 1s d34d" rant *yawn*

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “Can you please elaborate on which circumstance is helpless against cultist robe? I'm having trouble thinking of one. ” My guess is every hard cc like silence / stun / knockback / knock up / graps

  • Quote from tabooshka: “Well, you guys wanted gg helm nerf, now nature healer got a massive nerf due to it Sacrifice (Graveguard Helmet) - The Heal Amount is now unaffected by any Healing Buffs rest in pepperoni ” Guardian helm hype!!!!

  • Quote from Elsa: “Getting there... 1JnP4A2.png ” at least dagger artifact is done lol

  • Quote from IceWalowCome: “They took one of the most fun things of the game, the joy to get a new and unique mount every mounth ” Wow, that's a pretty sad "fun thing of the game" stuff... i can't imagine you being in this game before thoses monthly challenges exist

  • B...bUt...MiNeCrAFt HaSn'T aNy IsSuEs At ThAt TiMe