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  • t6 rhinoceros

    DoomRawrus - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I've had this problem before too. Perhaps they just need to increase the leash radius by another 20% or so.

  • Swiftclaws

    DoomRawrus - - General Questions & Discussions


    Or increase the drop rate of Direwolf pups.

  • Giant Change

    DoomRawrus - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Well when you consider that most boots in the game provide you with a much faster movement speed such as 60%-120%, or Graveguard soldier boots with the slower speed build up over a long period of time then you can see that the Guardian Boots are infact already handicapped when it comes to speed. (Had graveguard boots subconsciously on my mind there, thanks @Fusionbomb) That handicap is then justified because it makes you tankier during the time.

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “trade chat is 1 min ” In that case then increase the trade chat to 2 mins.

  • I think for starters making it so you can only post once every 5 mins in guild recruitment would be good. (In trade channel this should also be increased from 30 seconds to one minute since the standard rule of thumb on spamming is posting the same message multiple times within 1-2mins) People circumventing it by using multiple alts to make a bunch of posts at the same time could be warned and muted manually by mods as needed. I think the 5 min delay between posts would help a lot in creating le…

  • Bring a group of Glorious ranked Blue players with you so when the red flagged players show up you can fight them. They will lose reputation, (lots of it mind you) for attacking those glorious players and if they run away well then you win.

  • I gather in blue and yellow zones all the time and rarely run into an issue where someone tries to steal a resource I am trying to harvest. Most people are considerate and just move to another node if you are already on one. The only exception I think is when you find something like a 4.3 or 5.3 and then there might be some competition. This isn't to say stealing doesn't happen but just that for the most part this doesn't appear to be a problem for me. It could be OP is roaming around in highly …

  • If it helps any, the players that flagged up in the yellow had to sacrifice reputation points to attack you.

  • I honestly like the skin and think its beautiful but I see why many players are feeling underwhelmed about it this month. Stags are not used much and even with me personally I have my impala skin I would use for my stag. I actually wouldn't mind seeing some of the previous mounts come back every now and then in the monthly challenge or perhaps slightly altered like a new skin for them or something. Though I know that might anger some other's who want these mounts to become super rare. Lets have …

  • As the title states, I was recently told that the armor your character has affects the mount's armor which I have always believed is false. I rather get a solid answer though on this if anyone knows.

  • The advantage of Solo RD's is that you have more mobs condensed together and its easier to hide from roaming gankers. If you for example want to farm solo mobs out in the open world you end up leaving a big trail of dead mobs all over which tips off the gankers. These new dungeons however force the gankers to have to check all the portals they see and then run through empty hallways hoping you are still inside. Whenever you are out in the open world you should be ready to fight or die. Its part …

  • Alternatively just have slight color variations to the mount skins based on the Tier of the horse or oxen underneath though that might be asking for too much extra work.

  • I had been thinking about potential ways to make the warcamps function better in the royals and increasing the circle was one of them. I think a good way to implement this change would be to just have the radius double in size about 15 mins before the warcamp becomes active and then have it stay that way for 15 mins after. You could also increase the time you remain flagged orange by another 10 seconds. These two changes should help make the royal war camps a bit better without needing to have p…

  • Dunno about you guys complaining but I've been enjoying Albion Online with very little difficulty for the past two weeks. Maybe its just on yall's end like try upgrading your router or something

  • WTS Impala

    DoomRawrus - - Trade


    Looking to sell my Impala 25m

  • Quote from Koliup: “Its good that they gave us list of the mounts witch are being convert to skins but i want to know way cant i get token/skin option for Tame Ghostwolf is it gona be siting in my chest for ewer now?? like c mon devs you making changes to mounts/skins can you just gave us option to get Ghostwolf skin from Tame Ghostwolf. ” Its because the Tame Ghostwolves were never intended to be in the game. Instead of just straight up removing them though from player's inventories I think the…

  • I'd like to see a new setup for the auto deny party invites, trade invites, duel invites, scrim invites, ect that filters against Allies (Guild members and Alliance members) Its kinda sad that I have to constantly keep these things set to auto deny to stop trolls and exploiters from using the invites to pk you or disrupt open world activities like fishing or duel spammers that scam you out of millions of money. With the addition of allowing Allies to override the exceptions I can actually play t…

  • Anyone stupid enough to play the casino in the first place should know what they are getting themselves into. If there was anything I'd want banned it would just be the spamming of the casino's and twitch streams in global or elsewhere. I plan on doing my own sorts of games and casino like stuff with my guild so seeing the action of doing games with randomizers banned would be unfortunate. I will say though that I get annoyed by tons of spamming though lately I haven't seen too much going on. Pe…

  • The tamed Ghostwolves ended up in the game by accident. During the first few days of launch the pup drops for the white direwolf were left in the game which allowed some players to get hold of them. A patch was put into play shortly after to remove them from the drop database. Meanwhile you could grow them but there was never any way to actually saddle them. Later on the Saddled Ghost wolves were introduced as recruiter mounts. Some people collect the tamed and pup ghost wolves because they like…

  • Ok, its settled, next update after Percival, we get Squirrels, Lions, and Oatmeal Oh MY!