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  • The nerfing CC into the ground next patch is a massive, massive buff to axes. That coupled with them nerfing swords and spears will likely make halberd once again the best all around mdps weapon.

  • Fix this Shit

    Desriel - - Rants


    Quote from Piddle: “Pretty sure the issue is that he cast a spell, and it broke his invisibility. Which if you read Assassin Jacket, is written right on the ability. ” Not only is he not using assassin jacket, but the issue is clearly a leashing bug as he was well out of their aggro range, but they aggrod onto him despite that when he came out of invis because they didn't leash properly.

  • GvG Season 7 Changes

    Desriel - - Developers' Statements


    I mean it's basically the only end game that exists right now. A game with no end game generally has serious retention issues. A heavy grinding based game with no end game would suffer doubly so.

  • I don't think anyone is complaining about the people who come in 4.1/5.1 OC and fight. What teams don't like is the teams that show up in flat 4 run away builds and don't even attempt to fight but to run away. That's why some are asking the fame to be moved to the main end boss so that you actually have to do the main point of hellgates to get the main reward (fight another team). If your goal is purely PvE it doesn't make sense to match someone up vs a team looking to PvP. Hellgate design shoul…

  • In your example tax is indeed 7k silver, making it more profitable to craft in the city by a huge margin even at those rates. Tax would have to be over triple current value to start to approach being more profitable to craft on personal island instead. (Even ignoring food cost/building investment)

  • Eh most of the reports are from people saying crystal gear and coming in 8.1. It's easy to combine gear/average IP restrictions to prevent 8.3 MP weapon cheesing. Not much additional effort imo and a lot of benefit by creating more even matches and having the leagues separated by actual skill gaps rather than spec, but just my two cents.

  • Doesn't really seem that hard to police IP, you go in showing it and if anything looks fishy/is changed you screenshot and report and it's an auto-loss if they are found to be in violation. Just like if they switched to higher tier gear during the fight. Same rules as the scrim discords have been doing for ages and it's pretty easy to police there. Obviously there will still be skill discrepancies between teams, but it seems against the spirit to have the divisions decided by spec rather than ac…

  • Quote from AcOrP: “What do you mean you can defend against 6 people with 2 or 3 effectively... Also you can deny the mage raiders with 1 person till help comes. The thing is is it worth it to defend mages if you have 30+ terries. and they are being raided 24/7 with T2+ blobs. ” I think you underestimate how quick you can kill a mage with a proper comp, it's <1 minute. You can't even get to the terri in time if the raiders know what they are doing, which is an issue because it turns what would be…

  • If you want it to be accessible to new players you can't set it up such that 400/400 players would be fighting 50/400 players in the same gear. You just can't. An avg IP cap and a disqualification if going above it/swapping to something above allowed tier level is only way to make it at all fair.

  • Quote from fip: “An efficient mage raid consists of 6 people with single target dps bursting down mages as fast as they can at min-population hours, and running before a single red shows up to defend. ” Quote from Valkyrior: “Dont have 8 terris if you cant defend them. The only reason you got those terris is because you have 5 good players in your guild able to gvg ” You seem to be completely disregarding his point. The issues isn't that you have too many to defend but that it's logistically imp…

  • Honestly anglia terris are more valuable than mercia ones are from a cost/benefit aspect.

  • The current two main mercia teams are Sohrab's and Cargera's neither of which merc for TBI afaik. That said, having a cooldown period after joining an alliance/guild before you can GvG probably isn't a bad system if you want to discourage mercing fights. Downside to that though is the guild doing the attack/defense could just temporarily join the merc alliance

  • The 5% smelter is definitely losing money. You'd make more selling the t3 soup that is used to feed it than you'd get as a return at that rate. That's not even taking into account building/repair/plot defense costs.

  • Quote from Boedavildje: “Best fix is to just transfer more fame to the final boss. Take away the reason why people rat hgs instead of coming up with weird constructions. ” Simple and easiest solution without convoluted or confusing rules on being able/unable to enter.

  • Personally I would have made the whole new continent yellow zone IP capped in open world and GvGs and applied low energy payouts. If you really want a place for newer players to start out, give them an even playing field and disincentivize established players from wanting to just grab it all up as well. As it currently is established powers just see it as free real estate.

  • Hellgates arent respawning atm period. Once you do them they are done for good currently lol

  • [RESOLVED] Blackscreen Issue

    Desriel - - News Archives


    Quote from Elsa: “Quote from Desriel: “It's permanently displaying "someone is logged into this account" for me now after trying to teleport to a city and getting kicked off. ” This is connected to the blackscreen problem. Your character still remains in the world for some time after you close the client or are forcibly logged out, and therefore cannot log back into the account right away when that character is stuck on blackscreen. ” Interesting, I would have expected it to be 5 minutes max sin…

  • [RESOLVED] Blackscreen Issue

    Desriel - - News Archives


    It's permanently displaying "someone is logged into this account" for me now after trying to teleport to a city and getting kicked off. Will 12 UTC GvGs be canceled since people can't login for it currently?

  • Would be easy to hide by using f2p alts if you wanted to. It's just way too easy to exploit. There's a very good reason you don't get anything tangible like PvE fame or rep for killing players.

  • It would provide a way to get near limitless season points if you farmed your own gankers? Step 1: Gank a bunch with your buds Step 2: group all drops guild Step 3: Kill ganker chars with different guild chars Step 4: Gankers all rejoin and fix rep Rinse and repeat every 48 hours or less by making alts. People already abused killing their friends on purpose for kill fame which means nothing and does nothing while at the cost of trashing millions of gear. You think people wouldn't do this to earn…