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  • I defended everything possible to the game at launch, 1 week.. 2 weeks.. But this time, i'm a bit disappointed. Seriously, i don't care about the 1 week premium because yes TO ME is not enough. We are loosing so much time, people works and do stuffs and they should be free to play anytime they want instead of having a continue crashing game. Yesterday i was roaming and crashed. Today i woke up and i was nude in Carleon. This is not happened once but multiple time and i'm starting to be really pi…

  • Personally i would say yes, and so do i. First of all because there's loads of things to understand, basically if you start now nor only you enjoy the content, but you can also learn everything you need for the coming ufficial release. For me, totally worth

  • In my honest opinion, i think that keeping this game in beta it's ok, i mean we all want a complete product in the end of the things. There's still much to improove, like the pve side and other stuff . But in the other side, i can feel the people farming watching the wipe of their accounts after the reset . This game will not be dead , it's just a moment right now with people freezing waiting for the ufficial release. I personally love the graphic this way, so honestly you should not focus on gr…

  • Make Albion Great Again

    Grayson - - Rants


    As i saw several times on many games, i honestly prefer a longer beta that an uncomplete release. These things needs really long time to be worked on, it's not just simple because it's a huge work .