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  • Any solution for this(mobile)

    ASTRAL31TCH - - Bugs


    It just show me empty screen, this happens after i put my email and password to login and after i press okay

  • it keeps doingthis and loading screen freezes (brightess is lowered for it to fit the 1mb cap)

  • Why we need it to get a revamp...? Bcos its e is useless. This weapon is like in the dark corner of the mage weapon trees, every other weapon outshine it. Since into the fray update is coming and frost staff is still undecided. Im suggesting this

  • New Weapon Type!!!

    ASTRAL31TCH - - Feedback & Suggestions


    So right we have the 3 weapon type, the normal which only require tha basic refined materials, the rune, soul and relic type which require not only basic refined material but also a certain type of relics and the avalonian type of weapon. Now, compare it to the armors which have not 3 but 4 types, the normal, the relic, the avalonian and the royal armors. Isnt it a bit unfair for the armors to only have that overprice variant, (not only is it expensive, it doesnt even add a ip on your armor) . N…

  • How do you see other players stats even if their offline?

  • Yes, if theres too many allies or enemies around you, you cant see anything but yellow people 5meters around you, so you wouldnt know which is the enemy or the ally, this issue happen frequently when were having a cta(zvz) with the whole allience, like we have a lvl60+ disarray and its the same with the enemy, you wouldnt know where to engage, where the reds are accept when the caller tells where to face when were about to engage, the only thing you can do is hope that the one that your engaging…

  • Damn your a genius, didn't think about this solution hahahaha

  • Weeping needs a buff, its damage is really underwhelming for a bombing weapon. Im pretty sure the weeping is one of the clapping weapons of the game, it used to be the same as galatine, brim, and energy shaper, it can deal a huge damage to help the allies but now its not, weeping is a hard weapon to use as you need to position yourself and pick the best spot to put your mine. Not to mention its small radius. The weeping needs a damage buff. I can think of one balance change that you can do with …

  • Doing large scale zvz in mobile is hard specially if your in a zvz guild such as myself and i also want to enjoy the large scale battles but the proble in doing this in mobile is that the avatar of the players that you can see is very limited, meaning if your inside a t6+blob all you can see is the one next to you and everyone else is yellow peoples. I have think of some possible solutin to this that can atleast make it easier for mobile players to participate in this type of activities. -just l…

  • Everytime i make home in a ho, the invetory would get wider to the left and eventually cover my entire screen if i open the make home tab again and again. I have to relog every time i make home just to remove this bug on my screen Screenshot_20220118_203351_com.sandboxinteractive.albiononline.jpg Screenshot_20220118_203419_com.sandboxinteractive.albiononline.jpgScreenshot_20220118_203425_com.sandboxinteractive.albiononline.jpg