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  • I already pointed that bug 2 months ago, but it hasn't been solved nor answered since then. Before the Into The Fray patch, when you cast the spell "Threatening Smash" Q spell with hammers, you get 3 red little lines/stripes above the mob you hit, (like when you cast taunt on a mob, the chest ability, or the concussive blow Q spell of quarterstaffs) and you also get a buff for 3 seconds that rise your threat level by 400%. Normally this buff appears as a violet sword icon buff (like the icon of …

  • I agree a lot, being a lover of hammers, I find it very hard to keep aggro with a Q that targets one mob at a time, when mace has a HUGE AoE Q that takes every mob at once. Kinda unfair for hammers why not having a Q spell that says : "Do 300 damage to an enemy, and generates 300 threat around the hit enemy" ?

  • Thanks for the help ! I had this problem too, very annoying to die because enemy player makes you freeze to death basically Since I reinstalled Albion on SSD and allocated more RAM, this problem has softened a bit, and the advice of letting the spells be loaded in PvP spam areas is a great idea ! ty

  • Kingmaker is doing a lot of damage with E full stack but it's a little harder to use properly (in CDs for example, if you fall against bow you can be countered easily). Claymore remains a really good option, I used it a lot with mage robe + hunter hood + guardian boots with keeper cape or thetford cape, it gives a really good damage burst and can almost one-shot enemies. You can choose either poison potion if you look for extra bit of damage, or resist potion because a mage robe is really really…

  • No, the island will always exist as long as one character alive can visit it.

  • What's your point on this @Amoebius76 ?

  • Well maybe that's a normal thing after all, though I don't remember having this animation before the Into the Fray patch, so it's a little disturbing for me. But maybe it is doing as expected ? Idk

  • Quote from Amoebius76: “Hey @Asmarog, could you elaborate on the animation issue with Threatening Smash? Maybe record a video or a screenshot of what looks weird to you? For me I can run in one direction (not the band), cast it in any direction and my character stops until I issue another move order. ” Here, got a lil' video of it.

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Quote from Asmarog: “- Animation on the "threatening strike" Q spell is bugged, it freezes the player movement (and it's not aestethic) ” Look up "Standtime".If you know what "Recovery" is in fighting games, this one confers the exact same meaning. ” No, i didn't mean that. I mean when you cast your Q spell you can still move, but the animation of the player freezes strangely (it's purely aestethic, not related to gameplay)

  • Hey there, I recently submitted a bug report on albion chat saying that hammers had several dysfunctions I witnessed after the Into The Fray patch : - Polehammers E spell duration is way shorter than normal, it's coming with an 0.5s duration when it should be 2.5s (after calculation for CC resistances on mobs / players) - Animation on the "threatening strike" Q spell is bugged, it freezes the player movement (and it's not aestethic) -Also concerning the threatening strike, the 400% menace buff t…