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  • Mimic (all Arcane Staffs) Can steal all skills from all weapons Can steal all skills from any weapon Can steal any skill from any weapon

  • The Arcane and Frost Patch

    Tw200cm - - Patch Notes


    wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==Into the Fray Patch 4 / Arcane and Frost Patch - Ver. 20.040.1 - August 9, 2022 Quote from JudgeNutmeg: “ 很討厭這個改動為什麼不讓玩家選擇自己喜歡的技能 ↘ - Very annoying this change why not let the player choose the skill he likes ↘ Mimicked abilities Axes: Raging Blades -> Battle Rush Frost Staffs: Frost Nova -> Glacial Obelisk Maces: Snare Charge -> Guard Rune Additional graphical, UI, terrain, audio, and localization fixes I want to give German game developers the following s…

  • About Chinese GM

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    放棄吧 這是一款舔共遊戲 我曾經以為靠自己力量 能喚醒亞太玩家的關注與力量 結果沒有 客服的官腔 遊戲開發者感覺 被中文客服蒙蔽了雙眼

  • 組隊系統地小地圖的隊伍玩家標籤 有數排序字好讓玩家溝通而不是小隊長藍色其他隊員黃色這讓報位很困難然後防禦的ping點的熱鍵有顯示錯誤跟一般長的一樣 Team Player Tags for Teams Systematic Minimap There are numbers in order to allow players to communicate instead of the squad leader in blue and other players in yellow which makes it difficult to report positions and the hotkey of the defensive ping point has a display error that is the same as the normal length

  • Why are Arena markers disappearing This leads to a bunch of newbies playing And it makes the game experience worse when the language is not fluent 為什麼競技場的標記功能消失了 這導致了一堆新手在各玩各的 而且在語言不通的情況下使遊戲體驗更糟糕

  • 今早我跟朋友騎t7的熊 過門被玩家先發動技能 卻不能過圖 因為熊的被動技能被觸發造成我跟他只能原地被打死 很詭異的事情 以前從不會這樣 This morning, my friend and I rode a t7 bear, and the player activated the skill first But I couldn't pass the picture because the bear's passive skill was triggered, so he and I could only be killed on the spot. Weird thing, it's never been like this before 是否可請遊戲製作團隊檢查你們設定是否跑掉 Is it possible to ask the game production team to check if your settings are running away?

  • But this does not affect PVP Will the player stand still and call you like a PC AI BOT? The answer is no, they'll dodge. Can you accurately predict if you hit him? judgments and perceptions Impossible, there will be a group of players standing there for you to use AOE skills to suck blood for you, even monsters will run away because of hatred, not to mention players 難道玩家會跟PC AI BOT一樣 站在原地不動給你打嗎 答案是不可能 他們會閃躲 你能不能準確預判射中他也有一定的 判斷及觀念 不可能 會有一群玩家 給你站在原地用AOE技能給你吸血吧 連怪物都會因為仇恨值亂跑了 更何況玩家 嚴重懷疑當初 想惡意削弱雇傭兵外套…

  • Why Elder's Bow of Badon e key with Elder's Mercenary Jacket r key can't draw blood? Elder's Boltcasterse e key with Elder's Mercenary Jacket r key can draw blood This is unfair, can the developers improve it? I know Elder's Mercenary Jacket r key is for ranged weapons but You're unfair to some bow players and others When my friends and I are fighting monsters, I always like to pull a group of monsters because it is very efficient. But I found out they can use Master's Hellion Jacket Hit a bunch…

  • 你放心如你擔心 這樣 沒人去黑區 那就可以有相對應的政策 例如玩家維修費 較貴 或是 耐久度是扣10%或15% 如玩家不組隊 就很容易被人打跪地 You can rest assured that if you are worried, no one will go to the black area, then you can have corresponding policies For example, the player maintenance fee is more expensive or the durability is deducted by 10% or 15% If players do not form a team, it is easy to be beaten to the ground 你看看之前陣營戰 黃區也會噴裝 被改成紅區才會那不如黃區也開放跟紅區和黑區一樣的機制 噴裝在老手也裡也等同噴裝費只是你要花錢重買 那跟扣耐久度有什區別 Look at the previous camp battle, the yellow zone will also…

  • 建議可以出個t6-t8的黃區 It is recommended to have a yellow zone of t6-t8 跟紅區一樣系統會自動幫你開啟pvp無法關閉 Like the red zone, the system will automatically turn on pvp for you and cannot be turned off 此區域 不會死亡 但會跪地 This area will not die but will kneel 怪物極強 不能單刷 The monster is very strong and cannot be single-played 這樣既可以更自由的玩耍 官方也能有效率地從玩家身上回收遊戲幣或是榨乾玩家的維修費 This will allow you to play more freely Officials can also efficiently recover game currency from players or drain players’ maintenance costs

  • 這遊戲在亞洲 很熱門 但網路 影響了亞洲玩家的體驗 請求官方 應該增加亞洲服server

  • As long as you don't like it, you need to Nerf Do players who have worked hard to practice bow and arrow still need to play? wake up Bow and arrow no one wants to play in Nerf

  • Faction needs some new gameplay For example, you can gamble with faction coins For example, you can use it to invest in camp guardians on the big map Make him stronger If he is not knocked down by an enemy faction player for a few days, the investment player can get double the payout eg 500x2 When the attacking player takes down the defending investor's guard, the attacking player gets the investor's points This concept comes from the steam tower defense game

  • Improve the data of weapons that have been weakened before Because modern times are more unbalanced Have you ever seen the ferocious animals in nature become cowardly because they are too strong? If the official is to make more money to recover the game currency and make the player experience less efficient and weaken it, then I can only say that this is a rubbish game Then I will try my best but say this game is terrible please don't play him because I will only hear from a few players that the…

  • Cripple

    Tw200cm - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    我覺得沒有必要改他 或削弱 因為這就跟大自然一樣 你不能當看他在某個模式過強就削弱他 這無異議 因為你去玩陣營戰 公會戰 你會發現 大劍沒碰到人 也是照樣跪地 I don't think it's necessary to change him Or weaken because it's like nature You can't weaken him just because he's too strong in a certain mode No objection Because you go to play faction wars and guild wars, you will find Even if the sword didn't touch anyone, he still knelt down

  • 如題請改善

  • 最好的平衡 就是 把黑區大陸跟下面的 安全大陸並在一起 然後公會裡面製作跟採集的npc功能 希望有點多樣性 而不是公會島外面玩家租的攤位能用 返還點數然後公會島卻不能 然後遊戲 裝備跟武器數據 如真要平衡 不是透過 少數玩家 抱怨 就去修改 這樣會導致很多玩家從此 不玩該遊戲因為他努力辛苦玩起來的裝備如同廢墟 除非官方是刻意的因為這會引起很多 該遊戲的 負面陰謀消息在中文頻道討論 還有該遊戲 的沙盒自由度 真的太不自由了 應該讓玩 家能自行自由蓋房屋 而不是 官方預設規劃好 再加上陣營 玩法 無趣 大家都只想刷分數 而不是真心 想要一個 輸贏 陣營 應該多加一些好玩機制 例如 可以打進敵方城鎮 影響該地方 物價

  • 可不可以不要讓中國玩家管理中文頻道 因為他們總是欺負台灣玩家 或對台灣和香港的玩家帶有政治偏見 大陸人在中文頻道收公會都沒事能一直不斷洗頻喊頻 不是中國的玩家只要在中文頻道喊公會收人 就會被惡意禁言兩周這是一件很不公平的事情

  • 可不可以優化隊伍裡面的標籤 讓遊戲的隊長更方便指揮 可以把圖案改成數字嗎 或一個小隊上限能到多少 數字就給多少 好讓隊長指揮