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  • Yes thats true @Dragonbolt. Honestly i really can't find a solid reason to why mac os doesn't allow mac users to change how the "fullscreen" works in options. If you any coding its not hard to fix for your self, only 2 lines of code. But there is sadly no user friendly way i know of at the moment.

  • Im from Sweden and no we do not XD But the winter season is a bit depressing and the lack of daylight might make you feel more tiered. At its worst i think we have about 3-4 hours of decent light per day ant it does not help that most days are cloudy during winters. I find that people in general get bitt more tired and more isolated during winters.

  • Thank you @H4n1baL much appreciated

  • I post this in hope for any DEV to se this and include this as the standard code for the mac fullscreen option. So that mac users can play without menubar and doc popping up when things we want to click are neat the top or bottom of the screen. This does not alter the game in any way that could be called cheating. Actually just puts us mac users on par with the pc users (no more menubar popup when trying to click that red player at the top/bottom of your screen). The problem: When your mouse get…