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  • Yay!

  • Here is a quick tutorial for new and experienced players on how to get money VERY FAST when you start out with a new character.

  • Gamers, greetings. I come from a background of impossible odds to great victory. Traveling the road less travelled, so that where my paths intersect are different from the rest. I have revolutionary ideas, I have concepts and resources. What do you have? Do you use a systemized application process for your guild? Click off my thread and go find sheep somewhere else. Do you have specialized content teams, to ensure guild members don't get bored? You too, click off my thread. Look for sheep that a…

  • Sword is by far not a brain dead weapon. It is bears it's challenges like any other weapons. Each carry their own play style and purpose. Some weapons are good for healing, does that mean that the developers should adjust it to damage more because it can't beat a sword in a corrupted dungeon? Everything has it's place, and sword is a challenging thing to play.

  • Hi. I understand why chests in Albion work the way that they do, and I will explain. The developers do not want to waste items, so they do not assign the contents of a chest until after it has been opened. For example if I see a chest, and I don't beat the boss, there would never have been any rewards delegated to the chest, and therefor it never contained anything to begin with. Because of this game design, the developers have created a misrepresentation problem for their chests. Through RNG, a…

  • Woah, please relax EAC.

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    I have 3 computer rigs that I built, and each rig is connected to 6 video displays, keyboards and mice. This project is for a close environment gaming center, making the most of minimal resources. Unfortunately for your game Albion, none of the players can connect. It says there is an anti cheat error. You must understand, that Virtual Machines are the future for gaming, and the time of one box is long over. Please consider making this change, and let your anti-cheat do things less invasively fo…