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  • So, what are your contributions to the albion community? Not to SBI, but to the rest of the players.

  • They need to make blue or yellowzone lethal for faction again XD That will make people think twice about wearing gucci 8.3 gears and bullying t4 players. Ahh the good old days.

  • I think that the only way to sort of resolve this issue is to introduce a group dungeon inside the static. Make it so that after 2 minutes, the entry will be closed. However, the loot from the chest and mob fame will be lessen.

  • Sword and other things in CD

    Brock_Less_Ice - - Rants


    In my opinion, swords are quiet technically dead in open world because it's harder to stack, unless you using carving. People would rather use bearpaws and bloodletter compared to swords in open world. Claymore was previously quiet decent in openworld solo pvp 1v1 and ganking. Was referring to the old bluenox's build. The only thing I feel that in order to make CD more interesting and not just being dominated by broadswords and claymore, is that the devs should redesign the map layout that could…

  • And you still playing this game. Why?

  • Quote from Anhe: “Quote from The_Support_God: “great question is why are you alone in the blackzone ” From time to time i wear in gathering gear and have fun to geather somthing and roaming deeper and deeper into black zone. After last patch to do this has become easier. But, an example, last Friday i died on 3 out of 4 rides and thats not fun. There are tipical scenario 1. ganked when gather resource spot. Bear paws rushed me under invisible potion, can`t run away from grail seeker + bear paws.…

  • Quote from Alemaoo: “Unfortunately this feature did not work as expected. I'm getting killed by groups more than ever. I guess the problem is with the players, not the game. Sad reality, destroying solos is extramly worth and there is no way to avoid it. We still need a direct fix/price for ganging up on solos. Or just let it be like it is and solo game will die, if it has not already. Solos just have to be happy with CD and Solo RDG. The game just depicts reality as it is, grouping is strongher…

  • Any reason why flameblast cooldown was increased to 12s?

  • Quote from Tabor: “Paws is perfectly balanced. As mentioned above its mobility it mostly commit related and less run. What is broken are the builds that have high ability to do both and especially wargloves that can do both simultaneously. ” How can it be perfectly balanced when it can have reduce cooldown ability by 40% ? You don't see 3 or 5 people with wargloves ganking in bz XD

  • While the idea can be great, but it will also open to more rats. Let say a bandit event happen, anyone can just faction flag nearby outpost and come with a cheap gear. They will then grab all the loots from the dead players while the rest are still focusing on the fight. It won't be fair for those who commit to fight in zvz bandit though.

  • May I suggest that for each twitch streamer, they will have their own unique drops? As in maybe the devs can communicate directly with the streamers on which vanity the viewers could get (can be a secret between the streamers and the devs). Example, if we follow certain streamer like beast1k, we will get sheepdog skin, while following dreamthief say you could get specter wolf.

  • Albion was never really meant for solo only content. Even if they do make it better later with mist update and all. I'm beginning to think that is not really about risk vs rewards scenario for solo dungeons. Could be that the devs tweak some settings for the black market to evenly distribute the good for all type of content in Albion (e.g, avalonian roads, hellgates, hce etc). Before this, you could even get artifacts in solo dungeon. That is hardly the case now.

  • Zerg Ganking

    Brock_Less_Ice - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I don't see this as a problem though. Unless you gather majority of the time.

  • Another method is to join faction warfare content. It takes time but after about a week or 2 (maybe even 3 weeks depending on how active you are doing it), you could potentially earn about 1 mill faction points. with that 1 mill faction points, convert those points for campaign chest. The other day I got about 1.3 mill points, once convert I got 151 campaign chest. With that 151 campaign chest I got 1114 reward tomes. Use it to level up weapons like healing weapons.…

  • Hopefully nature will get somehow a bit better

  • Quote from Catandcoffee: “Added a new E-slot Ability: Anguished Soul (Demonic Staff) Send an Anguished Soul in targeted direction, passing through all enemies. Deals 175 magical damage. Any enemy hit will be feared for a duration based on the amount of Vile Curse Charges on them. Vile Curse Charges: 0 / 1 / 2 /3 / 4 Fear Duration: 0.4s / 0.8s / 1.2s / 1.6s / 2s. New demonic maybe will be great for Cc ,but old demonic can reduce healing. ” Potential ganking weapon. Imagine pairing it with fiend r…

  • Been playing Albion since 2020, pretty sure that there are plenty of vets in Albion still playing since Alpha (2015) I have a feeling that not every update is a good one. Me personally, I like the Old Faction. Less drama, politics, salt and all. Old faction was the shit. You don't have to worry about rankings and the best part about that it's full pvp loot (blue zone and yellow zone included). Granted, The devs wanted to prove that hey, we have more players joining faction now. But it kills the …

  • Quote from fareway: “dont know if ur second line was sarcasm but yeah, ur gear rly sucked ” Not at all. It was funny how I dieded. I dealt some damage until his/her health was like less then half, after that I just melted XD

  • Hmmm, it is overpowered. You don't need high I.P with it, check out my death fame below Maybe my gear really sucked lol XD

  • Yes, Even before the lands awakened update, Blackzone was kinda brutal and redzone is full of gankers. But, you can actually learn to avoid unwanted fights. Dying is part of the game. It takes time for some. Me personally, I went to blackzone not until I was like reaching towards my 15 million total fame (even then my PVP fame was 0). You will definitely recognize the patterns and be able to fame farm without getting killed most of the time.