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  • Have you seen path of exile skill tree?

  • even if we look past auto stand time as a thing bows have 2 weapons dedicated to auto attack weapons but 0 auto attack steroid on Q and W skills I do not count speed shot as a skill that exist because explosive arrow out damages it all the time and in every senario we look at swords and spears they have Q and W skills that buff autos and the passive they have such as deep cuts / lifesteal is just the cherry on top to compliment their auto attacks and this is not counting their E skills ahem trin…

  • at one point in the game's life axes were so strong in any group pvp meta they they had a near 100% presence in every content because of the AoE damage they bring to the table anything 6 meters in axes will take damage bleeds, healing reduction and AoE escalation damage and if i was not mistaken bleeds and healing reduction during that time deal more damage/effect this was so strong in fact they had to apply the famous inner ring outer ring mechanic and adjust it 3-4 times cause it broke axes fo…

  • this will be an interesting topic to talk about "oath keeper" it does many things at once but in the end mediocre in all its suppose to do until today i cant see a purpose for it except for a supportive tank jack of all traits kind of thing funny enough i dont see oath keeper as often as forge hammers and this is considering forgehammers are non meta at all but are still strong so my options on the matter is very biased and lacking real experience Shield + move speed? good for getting team past …

  • @DummyRobert SBI made permafrost unreflectable and is going to make blazing unreflectable also even if reflect was a problem due to the new mist walker helm and armor dying to reflect was solved #tryndamere ULTI at this point why play wailing bow when other options are better such as siegebow, energy shaper, longbow and mist piercer so please look into wailing bow and speed shot of bows for rework

  • well even i am not perfect on this subject at least this is my understanding of the subject. if its an actual bug due to excessive knockback reduction then i cannot help confirm it unlike stun DR where you can count knock back and knock up duration is very short so its kina hard to judge

  • Bows

    The_Support_God - - Feedback & Suggestions


    i only see warbows and badon played alot in solos not all bows are "dominating" its just ones that make use of frost shot effectively are in meta

  • Diminishing Returns Reworked Diminishing Returns for Knockbacks and Knocking enemies into the air, to prevent player getting basically stun locked by repeated knock ups. - Knocking enemies into the air is now affected by Diminishing Returns - Knocking enemies into the air now counts as knockback for DR - Various individual adjustments to how knocking enemies up translates into knockback DR - Knockback DR Factor: 0.04 -> 0.15 - Knockback DR Time: 15s -> 10s i wonder what this means looks very sus

  • 3 years needed to reduce heroic

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    Yes sure 4 nerfs back to back looks very bad on paper but its because we gave so much negative feedback about it on the mobility of swords no? pretty sure you had seen this coming when they decide to nerf claymore range and iron will along side other mobility nerfs because previous nerfs was not enough the claymore range was because broadsword range got hit and many people said Yes claymore is still unchanged despite minor damage nerfs and the iron will nerf was because other W skills cooldown w…

  • 3 years needed to reduce heroic

    The_Support_God - - Rants


    hummm..... are you sure the nerf is not because SBI want to match it with other nerfs to bow and gloves?

  • 3 years needed to reduce heroic

    The_Support_God - - Rants


    @Trial_hard dont walk back on what you and the others decided to agree on everyone was so adamant on nerfing swords and when the nerfs came you decide to walk the other way? then call out SBI on IT? bro make up your mind. Buff or NERF?

  • spectral dire boar used to be 3 mil on release black phanter 1 mil ++ gallant horse 1 mil ++ the good mounts have their mounts used often and trash over time which is good as their prices are stable but there are some weaker ones that had their price drop year after year which is bad besides @Eren11 WE all are too used to the abilities and how strong they are compared to the base mounts that are craftable that most have forgotten what are the true value of these abilities. from my pov they are t…

  • without mobility you have to shrink the map drastically and increase the rewards drastically as well to match the smaller map size too bad this game mode is not about that people complain about 20v1 ganking and this was the fix and now you complain as a SOLO you are scared of a little third party rat or 8.3 giga chad all the changes are already in place to punish rats and discourage third party despite that, if you want fair 1v1 go to CD dont come open world

  • Well we have to see how the meta develops then will we

  • well there are always other options on W skill on sword that is worth changing to when you sacrifice your mobility on iron will its not like the end of the world you still have Q mobility unlike frost and bow who has terrible W options that is not worth trading their mobility because they dont have other mobility in the first place swords are not suppose to play The hit and run kind of play style that we always see all 1v1 swords use their superior mobility to prestack and E before running and r…

  • Quote from Gubit: “is sword meta right now in CD? ” WAS a sword Meta before the update Still has a stupid high win rate play rate dropped drastically from pre patch to now but still high win rate play rate drop to about 1000 this week compared to 6000 pre patch on murder ledger the problem here is in your original post you speak as if Swords were NOT meta before all the changes set in before the patch set in swords was seen a lot in CD and hellgates 2s and for those fights who did not made it in…

  • Quote from Gubit: “Iron will becoming 10% movespeed for 3 seconds is horrible. Swords were not meta before the 9% -> 12% movespeed per stack change. That change has since been reverted. Logic would suggest that swords will fall out of meta. They are not near the top of most common builds on murderledger. Furthermore the 13 to 11m change in claymores E ability will reduce their appearance even more since they won’t be able to practically charge you off screen (gives players a few more moments to …

  • If you think its that weak a passive then why not buff it to 2 or even 3 seconds enough to cover 2 Qs casts or add more stats to it change it to gloves like passive 4 you have seen the passive 4 Hard to catch on gloves right the short term super high armor and cc resist nature's passive of clamness and hit and run make it super tanky / slippery due to its fast cast speed allowing to to keep passive up often the idea of the new passive is in the right place you can always tweak numbers and add st…

  • TBH i never know auto attack factor and ability factor exists as a stat cant find it anywhere until now honestly though they just add X Y Z stats to a weapon like very other game games like league of legends just adjust base stats of champs according to how good or bad they perform cause i saw they adjusted sword attack speed and damage ranges before so thought it would be the same

  • This is why the new passive is good because it performs when it matters the most unlike the nature of adrenalin driven charity where every once in a while you get a slightly stronger heal a heal where you are not interrupted where its needed the most is what i call a good passive