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  • This thread is over a year old. To follow up, I was playing exclusively through Steam at the time so I uninstalled and installed the actual Albion Client and have not had this problem for the last year or so.

  • Fresh Start Server

    WHIT3ROS3 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I think they just need to be bold and keep introducing new content. The game is in a pretty solid place at the moment but there is also so much that could be done to give further texture and depth to the existing systems. The PvE offerings could be significantly improved, the world could do with more lore and intrigue. I'd much rather see dev time and effort spent on more new stuff than on a restart.

  • I still think it would be a good idea for SBI to put outposts across the outlands which can be captured and held by factions as well as a generic 'Guild Champion and Guards'. Having bandit-like events which require factions to push out into the outlands and capture outposts. Would provide content for all and would help royal-bound players into the outlands. The outposts could be resets fairly frequently with a neutral NPC faction Champion and Guards.

  • Quote from Veeshan: “As a recent returning player i honestly would like to see new fresh server as an option, seeing the game is so far along actually makes it realy hard to jump back into especially where the economy i feel you would pull in new blood with this too seeing there a decent wall blocking people from starting new with the economy and most people being rather max level and crafting is kinda useless this far behind since its a huge money sink with almost no return You definetly have e…

  • Would really like to see more rewards and variation in Faction Missions. Points, more interesting chest contents (More faction themed gear or cosmetics)

  • Dev Talk: The Mists

    WHIT3ROS3 - - News


    Quote from CallMeGosu: “Quote from Chibichibs: “Idk if this is the right place for it but can the game put outlaw status on blues attacking reds? It's annoying that blues can get shield buff at the city gates when they attack reds. Blues have become so cocky now in Royals. High reputation players are more toxic than the low reputation players, it's a fact. Second, I like how the game became newb friendly when you wouldn't die in yellow zone if flagged. Can the game make the red zone more like a …

  • I would just like more items that could be achieved through Faction point purchases and the ranking system. I'd like to see a new cosmetic set based around the trinity (Tank, DPS, Healer) for each of the factions. Have an achievement tree linked to certain things which are already tracked like Kills, KO's, Zones Captured and Outposts Captured.

  • Dev Talk: The Mists

    WHIT3ROS3 - - News


    Very excited. Love the new mobs and their abilities. Will be an interesting few weeks.

  • For the last several weeks I have been receiving guild invites as soon as I log in, from a guild called P O S I T I V E and a player name Neela94. I have always refused and tried to send msgs to Neela94 to stop inviting me, but those messages were never responded to. Today, I once again received the message and so I accepted so I could see who was in the guild and tell them to stop inviting me. I told them to fuck off and stop it and looked through the guild members. Neela94 has 0 fame and 0 sta…

  • Rename Clarent Blade

    WHIT3ROS3 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Naming things after living people is always a bad idea. They haven't finished living yet and you have no idea what they might end up doing. This isn't against Equart (whose content I enjoy) I just don't think this is a good idea.

  • It is crazy. The loot is just soo good. Nerf the loot! I received nearly 12k Silver in a dungeon the other day. Please SBI! Reduce the loot by at least 99%, all this silver and loot is just game-breaking! I know you guys are super busy... doing... stuff? Like the concept images in the new Dev talk must have taken an entire afternoon! Also... if you could reduce the number of mobs and variety of dungeons as well, all the dozens of different types are just too much for people to wrap their heads a…

  • Are you kidding me? Do you just want me to keep listing things (which I could)? Brainless. Also.. how is that 8? I listed a dozen different building types alone. A Weapon line is 7 different Weapons. Do you breathe with your mouth open? Because if you do, do the world a favour and close it.

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from WHIT3ROS3: “There are dozens of ways in which the devs could increase the demand for stone. ” I'll look forward to your list .... ” New buildings that can be constructed on Islands and city plots. - Port/Harbour (To allow for the construction of different Merchant Ships, that can be sent on trade missions in a similar way to laborers) - Buildings of worship (Churches/Mosques/Temples) that can be built on Guild Islands which confer some minor benefits to members of…

  • Quote from Nya1: “It's a sandbox game, SBI gave you tools and you couldn't figure out a fun way to use them. ” This is just a lazy excuse. There's absolutely no good reason for the Outlands to just be a copy-pasta of the Royal continent. The amount of scaling used in this game is ridiculous. The game has been out for over 5 years.

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Saccavirano: “1. Do something with the stone price, t4.3 for 40silver is just a joke. ” Only players can 'do something' about the T4 stone price ... thats how the market works. Simple supply v demand. Unless the devs come up with a new use for stone i guess ... ” So not "only" players can do something about it then? There are dozens of ways in which the devs could increase the demand for stone.

  • Exactly! "ThIs Is A PvP GaMe!" dummies don't seem to be able to wrap their peanut brains around the concept that all "leveling" is done through PvE.

  • Looking for issues where there are none. People's triggers are their own to manage. It's not the world's responsibility to cater to your delicate disposition.

  • +1 for a date-crafted stamp.

  • It would be nice if they introduced cosmetic rewards and new achievements for doing dungeons and not just a loot buff. Have vanity tokens for each Dungeon set; Heretic, Morgana, Keeper, Corrupted and Avalonian which can be collected and exchanged for cosmetic items, of that dungeon type, at the vanity merchant.

  • Being mounted (On anything) should make you unable to interact with outposts in any way. Dismounted or nothing.