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  • I have a ton of complaints... I play 3 things Fire Holy Engimatic One handed Fire: You have ruined one handed fire staff, its unplayable. for instance if i blink or delayed teleport it just automatically goes off cant aim, cant charge, it jsut shoots at whatever direction you were previously facing. GOOD JOB SBI, thanks for phoning it in! Infernal staff: yeah it is probably the best we have right now, it has some uses, so you Retroman should immediately nerf it, because we all know your unbalanc…

  • Into the Fray Arrives June 8

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  • They should have attached Arena to Factions, given us a new map for every city, and differentiated Arena from Crystal League. Instead they took the path of least amount of thinking and Coding. While Crstyal League currently has about 200 people play it a day, Arena has 10,000+ people play it a day. So, sure; why not kill the Baby and keep the Bath water...

  • Dev Talk: Magic Staff Overhaul

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    It doesn't matter, after 4 years I can tell you Retroman will never let Fire be in the top tier of weapons. or even B tier of weapons, Fire was in the Meta for 4 months 3.5 years ago. Yet kingmaker can take away half your Health in one shot. Even if they did appropriately buff Fire staffs damage, he would just nerf it into the ground 3 weeks later. LIKE HE HAS DONE EVERY SINGLE TIME. If your Bow, no need to worry, youve been i the meta for 3.5 of the last 4 years, if your melee, not a problem fo…

  • Quote from Lockemup: “isnt the crystal arena que-able at anytime? ” Yes, crystal league arena will be queable. but the point im making here is that Crystal League will still be only queable at 3 specific times a day, which doesn't make it more elite. Just makes it harder to get 5 people who can play this game at those specific times. So making arena just like crystal league will not change (mostly) the number of people who participate in actual crystal league. Because people will still not be ab…

  • Dev Talk: Magic Staff Overhaul

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    Standing in one spot for 2.5 seconds is suicide in this game. which means one handed fire will never get a full shot off. if you just shoot it at 1.5 seconds which is the time you shoot now. then you do less damage then you do now, and you have to aim it.


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    One handed fire staffs as they currently are have a 1.5 second cast time, after the change they will have a 2.5 second cast time for the best damage. HOWEVER, if you look at the damage at 1.5 seconds, we are doing LESS DAMAGE THEN BEFORE YOU CHANGE IT! i just looked at my 8.3 masterpiece one handed fire staff. with a Damage of 1661, im full spec fire. and we are doing less damage for the same amount of cast time. AND YOUR INCREASING THE CAST TIME ON A TOTAL DAMAGE TO 2.5 SECONDS? YET AGAIN, YOU …

  • So, your about to change Arena to be just like Crystal League.... I get why your doing it, Arena is the most played activity in the game, Crystal League is the least played thing in the game. The reason for both is SBI's inability to recognize why it is this way. The reason, why Arena is the most played activity is 1. the ability to get into a match quickly. also 2. low costs of playing the activity. The reason Crystal League is the Least played activity in the game is this (the major reason) 1.…

  • The only, ONLY shoes I wear are Mage Sandals. I have perfected the use of mage sandals, using Delayed Teleport (most don't know how good it is). Please quit trying to make them take delayed teleport away. Please Thank you.

  • It says I'm using the wrong launcher, I'm using the same launcher that came with the game. the same launcher Ive used for 4 years straight. I have no other games on my computer, I have no other launchers on my computer. YOU NEED TO FIX YOUR FUCKING SHIT!

  • Before you make any changes, DO NOT REMOVE WALL OF FLAMES FROM FIRE STAFF! It is the only skill that sets Fire staff apart from all other weapons. It is the only CC ability Fire staff has. I will no longer play this game if wall of Flames is removed, it does not matter what other content you create, the removal of wall of Flames from fire staff removes me from this game! Not that I expect you care. I'm just letting you know well ahead of time, if you remove my fire wall you remove me.

  • Quote from Nesnes: “1. There is a shader issue on Linux causing the Framerate to drop rapidly when using the pre-installed Mesa driver. Please switch to the proprietary NVIDIA / AMD drivers if you encounter this issue I have no idea how to do this on Linux. Fix your fucking Patch. 2 days now the game has been unplayable to me and thousands of others. I mean seriously your fixing Party loot protection but ignoring this? If I can't play, I have no need to renew my premium and no need for skins, so…

  • Quote from Asheraxia: “Can Confirm that the latest Patch basically broke all linux distribution players ability to play this game. Using game moded, MESA driven Ubuntu through Steam. Yesterday between 20-30fps, today... 3, and that is on my Island. If you enter any populated area, the game drops to less than 1 fps. Not sure what you did, but the game is now unplayable in Linux through Steam. Although both Nvidia and AMD drivers appear to avoid this issue, most Intel integrated graphics using MES…

  • Arena points and draws

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    Its a bug, you still get wins and loses as normal, their are very very few actual Draws. I would say the "Crack" squad at SBI will fix it. But it has been 4 years and they have not so much as Farted on the Arena. So... it will not be fixed.

  • In 4 Years the only thing they have ever done for the Arena is increase the amount of Tomes you get as a reward, the only reason arena is worth doing is because it is there at a moments notice. I don't expect them to change anything about it ever. I'm also not sure I'd like the result.

  • Where is our Year 4 Banner? we got a unique Banner for years 2 & 3... I want my year 4 banner.

  • I'm really tired of Fire Staff being mediocre, while all the while various Bows have been top tier Meta for 4 years now. WHEN DO WE ACTUALLY GET TO TEST SEARING FLAME AND GIVE YOU ACTUAL FEEDBACK?

  • Ive played Albion 4 years, and for the last 4 years I've been able to play on Mobile (though not always easy), sense the Mobile release I have been unsuccessful at updating the game on my Phone. It always either stops downloading because of an "Invalid Parameter), or if it does download all the way to the end, it seems to hang up on Animation at the end of the download. It never finishes the download. It's getting very annoying, as I only want it on my phone so I can play while at wor…

  • I agree; GIVE US WHAT WE WANT. MAKE IT A TURTLE Say something like "Due to popular feedback, the Beetle will now become a Turtle." It will hurt nothing and make people happy!

  • It never automatically logs me in, not one single time. I hope this is a known issue, but an automatic log in should instantly start logging me in. i shouldnt have to push play, if i have to their is nothing automatic about it.