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  • Hey! Please have a look at the Referral Program Terms and Conditions. Referring yourself is against the rules listed there ("6.11. No self referral. Users shall not create an Account via a referral link belonging to one of their own Accounts.")

  • Hi! I assume you refer to this post. It's a valid suggestion/opinion and we usually do forward the feedback and suggestions from players here on the forums to the designers/devs, but we don't reply to everything with "thanks, has been forwarded", as looking after the forums is only one of the tasks we're working on. Nevertheless, we do appreciate your (and every other player's) feedback as it does help us to make the game better!

  • Hey! The names will be hidden in the Mists (was announced here). I'll forward the feedback about the chat as it had been brought up several times in different threads by now. Quote from Nesnes: “Player Anonymity In an upcoming patch, we’ll be hiding the identity of other players you encounter in the Mists. Players will be anonymous to one another unless they’re in your party (in a Duo mist only, of course), or until they’re killed. ”

  • As Piraterer already mentioned, there are no mods available for Albion. Please be careful when downloading anything from third party sites, especially if it asks you to enter your login credentials. Those are usually phishing sites/applications and you risk losing your game account.

  • Hello! Thanks for your feedback and we do understand the concerns you raised. Unfortunately we are unable to offer different prices per region though. This is because Albion itself runs on one global server and offering different prices based on specific regions would open the doors to abuse via VPN etc. And while we are aware of the feedback and discussions currently going on about the new Premium prices, there is still the possibility to buy Premium using in-game currency which is independent …

  • Hi there! Maybe this will help you a bit. Quote from Nesnes: “ Unstable Roads Portals in the Mists (not Brecilien!) We’ve noticed that some players are having trouble finding their way back to the Royal Continent through the Mists themselves. To help combat this, we’ve changed enchanted regions in the Mists to always guarantee an “Unstable Roads” portal. The Unstable Roads portals in the Mists, which disclose their destination should you get close enough, are capable of teleporting players anywh…

  • Hey guys, no need to get personal! I'll follow up on what happened here in regards to the MOD, but will close the thread as we don't need insults here on the forums. Thanks for the report though!

  • Hello, please check here. The maintenance had to be extended by a bit, the server should hopefully be back online soon.

  • Hello, please check here. The maintenance had to be extended by a bit, the server should hopefully be back online soon.

  • Quote from Luzifer: “Quote from Shadowbrick: “Hello. Due to some changes that are being made to the servers today, the maintenance had to be extended by approx. 30 minutes. ” What are the changes? Please some more details..... ” Price Changes for Premium and Gold on Nov 28th

  • Hello. Due to some changes that are being made to the servers today, the maintenance had to be extended by approx. 30 minutes.

  • Hi! If you should encounter someone breaking the rules, please get in touch with our Support team (by either creating a ticket via the account page or by sending an email to with a detailed description of what happened, as well as any screenshots or videos of the incident you might have.

  • Hi! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've forwarded it to our QA team for further investigation.

  • The mount HP has been reduced in yesterday's patch (details can be found here) and we'll keep an eye on it how it develops. There's already a discussion going on about mount health after the patch in this thread in case you want to join the discussion there.

  • Thank you for the feedback and kind words! We're glad you enjoy the new content Regarding the roads, we have forwarded the feedback posted by you and others to the devs and they're looking into it.

  • Shop Search Issues

    Shadowbrick - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Hello. The UI team is aware of these issues and they're currently being worked on. Thanks for reporting it!

  • HCE Party FInder is Bugged Everytime

    Shadowbrick - - Bugs


    Hey! Could you please post bugged features in the Bugs forum? Our QA team will have a look at it then and check with you if they require any additional information. I have moved your thread there for now.

  • Hi there! Unfortunately we don't always have an immediate answer for everything that is posted here on the forums. If you should encounter any bugs, feel free to post them in the Bugs section of the forums. Our QA Team checks it pretty much daily and will let you know if they require more information. For general discussions or feedback about the game itself, potential new features, etc, we do see them and in most cases bring them up internally or forward them to the respective teams/departments…

  • Thank you for the kind words! I will definitely pass it on to the devs and everyone else who worked on the update. They're doing their best, trying to fix all open issues and the feedback of everyone here on the forums (and others channels) is sent to them as well.

  • Quote from LarkPlayz: “I connected my account in order to get the rewards, yet noticed as I claimed the chests I wasn't getting them. I found that although my steam was connected, my website account was not. I have now connected the account and received my epic chest, but not any of the chests prior. Any way I can get these prior chests? ” If you hadn't linked your account properly previously, you should technically still be able to receive the previously claimed chests. This can take a bit thou…