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  • Quote from Ackerman: “Como puedo cambiar mi nombre en el juego por otro, deseo cambiarlo ” Crear otro nombre de personaje y empezar con ese nuevo nombre tu aventura, Por desgracia, no existe la opción de cambiarlo, ni siquiera pagando dinero por ello. Un saludo

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  • El sistema de gathering funciona por niveles del 2 al 8 los encantamientos van del 4 al 8 Puedes recolectar recursos encantados del mismo nivel que tus herramientas o inferior. Por ejemplo con herramienta nivel 4 puedes recolectar nivel2-3-4.0- 4.1- 4.2- 4.3- 4.4 y nivel 5.0 pero no podrás 5.1 o superior. Etc si subes la herramienta de nivel

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  • No existe replay, tienes que grabar tu pantalla con algun programa externo de grabación y luego ya lo transmites donde quieras. En la página de albion puedes ver el registro de las kills, pero no video de lo que has hecho como jugador. Eso tienes que plantearte la setup tu mismo.

  • Tienes que ponerte en contacto con el soporte de albion online para hacerlo, tendras que vereficar tu identidad y en unas semanas te lo podrán cambiar.

  • Quote from xFenixOne: “was this a mistake or what you said we wont be able to throw randomized dungeons maps un non-Hideout roads but we arent able even to throw the group dungeons in de HO zones i really dont get it was this a mistake? group dungeons revived the avalon roads many people came to Avalon because of this i hope this is a mistake to be honest - In non-Hideout Roads zones: - Randomized Dungeon Maps no longer usable - Static Randomized Dungeons no longer appear in enchanted form - Inc…

  • Quote from grul: “Quote from BurnsidePDX: “Everything is good with getting ganked. It’s high mobility builds mounting and dropping on you in addition to their mobility is the issue. It assists them with gap closures even more and then they can pick and choose their preferable battle without any significant commitment to abilities to catch up to the target. So if they take significant damage during the dismount cd lock out they can run away easily. If they don’t take damage they have effectively …

  • Quote from eatingtunic: “This is what I seen appear on the shop, as a newbie like me. No-where stated 'skin'. Only mention you will receive premium, gold & mistwolf. So OP and me didnt expected that only received skin.…7f2a221fa244d89db7117375c ” Vanity items... and the description that they are forever. Thats the description of a skin.

  • Quote from FatSlayer21: “So basically this udpate is a mini open world with weak mounts for the 8.3 players to gather as they like? We can't do any of the acitivies that spawns because 8.3 players are there hunting players and taking all of them, even if you go close by to check it out they can dismount you with 2 hirs? That's the most ugly update, dissapointing and terrible. I can't do anything without 8.3 players destroying everything or rats just running arround to grap the kill and kill you …

  • you mean... execute? Daggers - Lunging Stabs (Bloodletter) - Hitting player below 40% Health no longer increases cooldown rate - Instead, hitting player below 40% reduces ability cooldown by 40% (other slot cooldowns no longer affected)

  • I like the spiders in Mist, are you considerating put the new mithycal mobs to drop the new artifacts also in the minimap? to have more objectives to fight? or die for? with more healt that nobody can easy kill them in seconds.

  • Hi, Can be implemented to hold a territory or a small territory or a castle or a new type of objectives in some areas in open world instead of playing 500 players vs a small guild of 20... a instead system of fight that involves 20vs20 atack territories or areas? can this be a good idea or is madness that nobody wanna play and only big guilds can take it? This system can be diferent as old gvg tht players need to disconect in the areas to do it... can be from the HQ system to fight only nearby a…

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    Quote from Rokov: “My last 10 solo mists or so had some premade duo or trio which did not played against each other at all. So instead of 1vs1vs1vs1vs1 i found 2vs1vs1 or 3vs1vs1. Sad story, but it destroys idea of solo mists completely. Also a lot of players ask in private for duo or trio with them. Guess most of that duos and trios was made inside mist with other poor guys, who cant play solo content at all. Can we hide nicknames in mists? ” I think this is in progress and maybe in a few month…

  • Make comeback a little dificult. With more time to come back... like A in Corrupted dungeon, but not that long... and not that short that actually is...

  • Its the basic of the Triade of MMO

  • Quote from Reiswaffle: “It's perfect for Roleplay / Decorating ” We need more fun places for roleplays

  • Quote from ThreeHades: “Also it depends on where your at in the black zone, Lymhurst is pretty much the home of seasoned players that know how to play the game, and will pretty much flock there for good PvP. I would suggest Bridgewatch since it can be pretty calm for me in the black zone. ” For me is Thetford... no big good maps for content, less players.

  • Anyone can give him a wolf in game? thanks

  • I Gather every day 2m or 4m and most of the time i don't die by gankers. I only die by zergs. Of course, i don't go to gather alone. I'm staying with a T2 ganking blob of my guild easy to gather all the nodes XD