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  • So, I'm new to Albion, and have been raising my reaver level to be able to fight overworked mobs that give more silver and fame. However, my build has been having problems with some bosses and especially gankers. Right now my build is as below: I feel like a problem my build has is a lack of sustain, even with the lifesteal food. It feels too fragile to stand up to enemy players. Also, I think this build is basically an auto attack bui…

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    DoomBarbie - - Controller Testing


    First - thank you Devs for making Albion Online. I'm really loving this game! I've attempted to play AO with a controller, and I've got some observations that may help Below are the details of my recommendations, and I talk about my reasoning. However, as developers, I know you're busy. So, here's the TL;DR. TL;DR: - Make your keybinds configurable so end-users can choose a setup that works for their playstyle. This also includes being able to configure button combinations to do a specific thing…