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  • Group of 4 LFG

    LibraAirDragon - - Guild Recruitment


    Hi, group of four that have played multiple times including well before release. Looking to get back into Albion to re adapt to the latest mechanics, push ourselves, and have a good time. We have experience with both very large and small guilds.

  • Infamy Reborn

    LibraAirDragon - - Guild Recruitment


    To all players, new and old, we are opening recruiting. Recruitment will be open for select days and very limited We are open for all time zones with members ranging from NA, EU, AU, and FR. We speak english primarily Discord is required Find me in game @Lebra or in discord @Lebra#9615, I will be replying immediately at this time.

  • I was asked for my guild to help with a ZvZ defense during a GvG. I joined their party and was flagged as ally for them. They also had a second party formed which saw me as hostile. Due to the confusion that happens during ZvZs the second party that saw me as hostile ganked me on the spot. Now as this can be fixed as temporarily joining the alliance but what could a guild that is already in an alliance, or leader of an alliance do to prevent this?

  • Black Screen constantly, able to log in, pick char, phase through loading, then bam black screen. can hear ambience, and music, as if i were playing, but thats all, no other response. @Axolotl was not inside a city or town, just in a t4 zone doing some gathering.

  • Sorry, I'm not understanding. from my personal experience (with premium)(this beta): at T3 i used 10 food per animal for 24 hours, avg market value on food is 160 each, avg value on mount is 700 each, with this information, it costs 1600 silver in food per mount, add the cost of leather (i gathered my own leather) making it an expense at T4 I used 31 food per animal for 48 hours, avg market value on food is 160 and avg mount value is 4k, it costs 4960 silver in food per animal, (plus the cost of…

  • Hi guys. I've been checking around with people's experiences on livestock and noticed some were different and some were similar. - People with epic founders packs experience a respectable experience with feeding their animals, as they tier up they require a respectable increase in food requirements. Eg.. t4 animals require 20 food to fully mature - People with legendary founders packs experience a considerably larger increase in feeding their animals. eg.. t4 animals require 31 food to fully mat…

  • This happened to me, I have the crash report, just trying to find a way to get it to the devs.. anyone know how?

  • Game Update Failure

    LibraAirDragon - - Bugs


    Not sure if anyone else is having an issue with this. Sorry I didnt collect the proper information to submit this the right way. Someone else may run into this issue though. If not, great! The error was something like "file timed out, starting a full reinstall" after a full reinstall the game seems to be up to date.