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  • Crystal arena vanity

    PandaDaggy - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Hi, developers I suggest to create more vanity options for crystal arena. Right now, I am ranked as gold 1 and I have collected all the vanity items for crystal arena. It’s disappointing for me to play now become I know I will just trash all the vanity items that I am getting. Also, the gold 1 ranked arena rewards is not so great consider the grinding that players spent (about 1000 rounds arena with 55% win rate). Please think about improve the reward for ranked crystal arena.

  • totally. A bad healer could ruin the whole game. I am now at sliver 3 and can still rank with T4 trolls in arena.

  • Right now, a group of bots are fame farming in crystal arena by wearing T4 gears and losing the fight intentionally. By doing so, they will get tomes when defeated. This fame farming method is toxic and ruining other ppl’s ranked arena experience. I have encountered two cases and even my friend started doing. This needs to be fixed right away. I am now silver rank in arena and i can still team up with these bots which is frustrating. Look into it and maybe improve your arena ranking system so th…

  • Quote from Catorcoffee: “Yap , this is why I don't like use Ramparts , Dawnsong ,curse skull(forget name) ,ice (forget name) . + this Feedback mobile Joystick bug "hit ground spell aim " will disappear and ability will random release . ” Yeah. I was just about to report the same problem. This “disappearing” issue has been unresolved for a long time.

  • Yeah. I searched GPN for mobile device and found WTFast. The app doesn’t have any review on APP store and it keeps failing connection. It seems the app is not working. Very frustrating

  • I am trying to get lower ping. VPN seems working for me. My ping dropped from 230 to 210 after VPN connection. Anyway. What software do you recommend for mobile players to optimize their ping? I have heard about Exitlag, but it’s only for PC players.

  • Zoom Button needs to go

    PandaDaggy - - Mobile Version


    Yeah. I got stuck several times because of the button cliche. Thank god they are going to fix this.

  • Quote from LordNrixx: “i made a thread on this but they didn't bother care of it. hope they will notice your thread ” @Amoebius76 It seems that lots of us got the same problem. Really hope that Albion could improve the control for mobile players in the upcoming patch.

  • Field of view

    PandaDaggy - - Mobile Version


    The range of view is actually changeable for iPad. Try the zoom out gesture with your iPad; it should work.

  • Please pay attention

    PandaDaggy - - Mobile Version


    Yeah. I am playing with iPad and encountered the same problem several times. It’s seems that the screen interaction become less sensitive after a long time of playing. I have to click for several times for it to work. Shut down and restart the software seems working for this situation.

  • Hi, ALL I wonder if there is good vpn for mobile players located in Australia? I have tried ExpressVPN and my ping was about 210. Do you know any other options?

  • Quote from Fuhcew2: “Same with icicle staff, cursed skull, ice Lance etc, there are multiple multi cast abilities that can be mechanically intensive on mobile. ” Yeah, you are right. But I can’t think of a way to improve what you’ve mentioned above. However, I am sure that the battle bracer E skill could be significantly improved by what i suggested - Right now - “touch and release attack button for phase 1 + drag for phase 2” What I suggested - “touch attack button for phase 1 + drag for phase …

  • Hi, developers Right now the battle bracer E skill on mobile needs “tap + release + drag“ to perform which is very hard (unplayable to some extend). I suggest to improve the control by “tap + drag”. So, basically “tap” initiates the phase 1 instead of “tap+ release”. Hope that I made myself clear and look forward to your feedback on this. Best, PandaDaggy

  • Quote from Fuhcew2: “there's a button I'm settings under key bindings called "show match stats by holding down" its assigned to "tab" for M&K players, assign it to your extra button and your good to go. ” Found it and it works very well. Thx.

  • PC player could check enemy members’ build before the arena started. However, it is impossible for mobile player to check enemy players at the beginning of the arena.

  • For mobile players, the team member tab can’t not be found in arena (including non-lethal crystal league). This puts mobile players in disadvantage compared with PC players cuz we can not check the enemies’ builds.

  • How do you even determine who’s the abuser? Rollback sounds like the only fair option.