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  • Quote from Mabruck: “Hey there, this will be fixed in the next update. ” next content update after Beyond the Whale u mean? Just say that RetroChad hates nature and wants to keep this shadow nerf

  • someone got raped by a T3 arcane guy lol

  • so the panic balances made it into live... noice

  • Racism

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    7 - 1

  • heavilty agree with @Mandulf, artifact bosses are the only reason why a player would roam actively on mists, almost all the juicy objectives are marked in map: weakened wisps, mob camps, chests... are spiderlings marked too? if yes then another one. Even if it's just marked on proximity the map is pretty small so eventually the bosses will get flooded with players... the clues suggestion sounds interesting tho, but anyway I prefer to keep the bosses completely hidden, just maybe increasing their…

  • Quote from Quagga: “There were a few, during the covid lockdown when BA was evicted from snag, the big war vs RAQ on the west and maybe vs POE.. oh and the biggest war in queen history i think GMK ARCH eviction the BA revenge for snag.. 1-2H before the timer already 6 clusters were in the queue it was early days of queen.. there was no debuff, sadly with HO but was hella ton of fun.. ” Hmmm I see, haven't hear anything of them, just arrived starting 2021 so the biggest event I was aware was the …

  • +1 for ip REQUIREMENT, not CAP It will be like "heyya nerd, better try to rat a slayer CDG" Maybe adding a "mid-tier" lethal mists? No, not making them red zones, they remain black zone but with lower ip requirement (around 900-1000), lower rewards and lower chances of finding rare wisps or artifact bosses In "high tier" lethal mists (>1200ip) there could be better rewards and higher chances of finding bosses and enchanted wisps Idk it sounds like ip matchmaking with extra steps but what do ya t…

  • Quote from DummyRobert: “Albion is more interesting than EVE online in ZVZ ” in gameplay terms maybe, it is 1000 times easier to understand than EVE But about ZvZ I haven't hear any story about two big alliances that could mark any change on the game's history, just one group going oom with AoE, cc and shit ton of stuff on other group, the AO twitch war reports doens't help with it neither We didn't have any type of "empire" like EVE's Imperium in it's old days, just some big alliances that were…

  • Maybe one little aspect I could say about this glass topic is that the "tryhard" behavior of most Albion players in pvp terms disencourages heavily the roleplaying unlike other MMORPG's, it even was a surprise for me when games like EVE Online that are a bit more hardcore than Albion had better stories and roleplay written by their own players, there are tons of battles, memories and wars to tell about that game, practically the players have written the game's lore. In Albion it doesn't happen d…

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Albion had way better balance in alpha and beta clue who guided the devs at that time - but that guy or girl is definitely missing badly - obviously ” RetroChad combat balance dream team

  • this and delete deadly swipe And delete dragon leap too why not?

  • Quote from Piraterer: “Now we only need an IP Cap and that content would be playable. ” corrupted dungeon extra large size?

  • great nature nerf

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    so... We can agree that Retroman still hates Nature tree even after the big rework?

  • The closest thing to battle royale in the game is the new Mist: a bunch of random players that are dropped on a map and they roam around it fighting for resources, etc Anyway u don't land naked (until u enter like it lol) and basically the one with better build and ip will f*ck the other ones. Well the reality is that it's more like a rat party, u chase two big fishes that are propense to fight, follow them mounted, wait for them to clash, dismount with ur big pp bloodletter, execute the survivi…

  • Worn by whom? Guys who don't want to spend 1 silver coin more for take specter or tenacity shoes?

  • actually a fan of the cast time maybe instead of a cast (for avoid making it vulnerable to the shit ton of cc meta) make a slight delay before dash

  • I took me around 1:30 hours farming mobs and wisps for increase my Brecilien reputation and around another 20-30 minutes to find the Brecilien gate using average power PvE gear in testserver, so it's kinda easy if u have luck Anyway will give a try on live

  • bow

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    wailing bow is insanely powerful

  • Quote from Pipeer: “Maybe, the game isn't just for you. But advocating for more safe zone by saying the game turn people into monster is not a good way. There are toxic people here, but the game doesn't made them, they were already toxic. ” I hope he understand this, cuz if he posts another bark then all your epic speech will worth nothing :c

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “My strategy? Solo Ratting. with T6 gear and easily replaceable sets i want to prove that New players can make a profit if they play it smart ” this is how static ratting started huehuehuehue