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Why are Arena markers disappearing

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自從更新後 所有坐騎的被動技能 被觸發就會有惡名之徒 這個是bug還是被改過Since the update, the passive skills of all mounts will have notoriety when they are triggered. Is this a bug or has been changed?

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You cannot wear other weapons on your body, otherwise the skill data of other weapons will be abnormally multiplied.

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Why Elder's Bow of Badon e key with Elder's Mercenary Jacket r key can't draw blood?

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It is recommended to have a yellow zone of t6-t8

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Faction needs some new gameplay

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這遊戲有些技能放完不會自動普通攻擊 怪物

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Re: Usage Fee and Crafting Changes - Lands Awakened Update

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How to use this command to change the game interface into the language of the local country?

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新的組隊或隊友介面構想 New team or teammate interface ideas

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需要這三種功能Need these three functions

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覺得聯盟系統應該增加 聯盟貿易

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