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  • Quote from BRiCK: “Quote from letwolf: “the existence of overpowered weapons is a bug itself. ” The fact that you believe its possible to make every weapon balanced perfectly just proves your stupidity. "Overpowered" is an opinion 90% of the time. Typically used by those who die over and over to the same weapon. ” And here comes brick again trolling. I've never seen a constructive post of yours. And just an example of overpowered and non overpowered Overpowered:One handed spear t.8.0 flat w no s…

  • it means the balance is so broken that people will change the weapons and play style they really enjoy to play some overpowered weapons.

  • People are using re spec to change the weapons they like to play to weapons that are in meta. That sucks. You cant play the weapons you like because no one will even invite you to play. Aka frost, arcane, daggers, and some weapons non meta.

  • it was because of the cultist sandals. They have a pretty decent damage as it does 100 dmg every 0.3 sec and reduces the healing received by 20% ( and it all stack with other cultist sandals)

  • @Retroman thanks for the input. Nerfing the druid robe was the finishing blow on frost. I cant find a team as a frost mage because of they say they lack of damage. Here is a photo of me , a 100/100 spec frost dealinf damage on an axe.…da81037a293eb4ca8bd424f2a Thats about the same damage a 100/100 crossbow was dealing with his Q. Oh, and he freezes for like 0,5 secs.

  • Frost Staffs: - Freezing Wind: - Damage: 166.74 -> 145.41 - Ice Storm: - Damage Tick Interval: 1s -> 0.5s - Damage vs players per tick: 45.27 -> 25.77 - Damage vs mobs per tick: 27.86 -> 15.60 - Base Slow Duration per Tick: 1s -> 2s - Frozen Hell: - Hit Delay: 0.2s -> 0.7 I know it will be more of the same, but we all want to see some frost mages around. I guess its the least used weapon, as the void is becoming somewhat usable. And the Q damage needs to go back to what it was before.

  • Same here. At 22:00 utc me and team mates from diferent countries have seen ping risen 150 ms daily at that time.

  • Just came here to say the gvg training, yellow hellgates and red hellgates made albion a totally new game and i would like to thank the devs! I did quit the game recently and am thrilled to come back! Thanks!

  • Can i suggest u to add automatic use of learning points per skill, not to all available skills? I hate when i click this and waste my learning points in skills i never knew i had Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Re-added one point with updated language, and added a second point: Updated language: - Increased the one-time Learning Points reward by 150 points for anyone buying 30 days of Premium for the first time - this will also apply retroactively to all players who have activated Premium status in t…

  • I spent long weeks playing Yellow hellgates all day long. We need more fame and silver in there. People tend to go to dungeons instead, because there is also PVP, but more fame and money. Theres absolutely no reason to go to yellow hellgates with full loot if red hellgates now have softcap. I really recomend increasing silver and fame to make it worth it. I think its the crown jewel of the game, you can fame farm and train ur pvp skills! As it is right now, u better farm first and then train ur …

  • @Retroman why would you make yellow hellgates full loot and not increase the rewards of it? My guess is that people will still never go to hellgates. We need Double fame and money on all hellgates. The return should be bigger than going to a dungeon with ur guild. You can keep the mobs loot as is, but the fame and silver is just not worth it.

  • oh, and every yellow gvg map should have a warcamp. Theres only 3 yellow warcamps, and only one in my timezone. Yellow gvgs are supposed to be inclusive, am i right?

  • *Applauses* I agree completely. There is absolutely no way for small/new guilds to compete with a major guild in gvgs because the guild wont be able to supply the losses against the big teams. 5 deaths with 8.1 gear means 10 to 30 millions cost total. Red hellgates are a great place to train ur core, but who can afford to fight 7.1 against players with 40kk mob fame? Seriously, im a 100/70 artifact quarterstaff tank and full 7.1 i had 2.450 life. I was fighting a 7.1 galatine with the same life!…

  • The arena is a problem

    Ricones - - Rants


    Arenas killed yellow hellgates.

  • Hell yeah! I would use it even if it was underpowered!

  • Quote from tabooshka: “im glad you are not balancing this game ” Please be more cooperative in ur posting. I bet he would love some constructive debate. Quote from DuendeBrek: “Hello everyone, at the beginning I want to say that following ballance changes ideas are only based on my opinion, it is not an official ballance list and what I want, is to just share my ideas for making the meta include more weapons, and to make them more usefull. Another thing is that im from Poland, and English langua…

  • i agree. It was overnerfed, now its plain suicide to use this weapon. If they use the meta crossbow-fire mage or crossbow-cursed against the staff of balance it will be melted in seconds. Please, 50% heal on urself and its good to go

  • Hey, i think yellow and red hellgates are the best thing this game has to offer. To tell you the truth, i think there should be no dungeons, as they are really shalow. PVP is this game major thing. But yellow Hellgates are so unrewarding people are not even bothering doing it. We need a prime time that yellow hellgates gives double fameI Red hellgates are good, but u have to have 5 people willing to play and train together and its really hard for whos starting right now.

  • Hmmm. I think all these improvements wont favor people to keep playing the game. Kay has a changed the game a lot making the zerging necessary and it is totally awesome. But there are 2 things that i think that should be changed so people enjoy the game. We need more fame ( like 50% more) on yellow hellgates. Its the best place to learn pvp and no one goes there anymore. Blackzone hellgates are a too big step for anyone willing to start pvping or forming a new team. We need story mode expedition…

  • Hey @Retroman please take a look on quartestaffs. I know people are talking a lot on the staff of balance, but notice that other quarterstaffs arent even considered on any kind of interaction. Adjusting the concussive blow would be a great improvement for staff gameplay.