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  • also taunt (all Plate Armors) and air compressor (all Maces) I believe this is for taunt/aggro activation so idk if they'll do anything about it

  • this is now on live servers bump (should this thread be moved @Amoebius76?)

  • Couple of Roads Things - - Bugs Testserver


    bump roads chests and roads ava bugs are pretty critical issues

  • Also judging from tags these might also have unintended interactions (currently untested) Enfeeble Aura - still damage debuffs & slows Infernal Boulder - still antiheals Slit Throat - still antiheals Dark Sphere works correctly blocking the initial aura application, but the debuff stacks applied by other auras might not be blocked (again, untested)

  • fyi they've nerfed a lot of mists rewards with each mini patch some nerf examples: fame factor (lethal): 216% -> 184.4% various brecilien standing rewards reduced by up to 65% fey arti mobs spawnrates reduced (up to 70%) along with artifact dropchances (~15%) various mist template generation weights shifted (overall rewards reduction) so its hard to base opinions when there have been some pretty impactful nerfs within the last 3 days ( imo legendary mists are the only ones really…

  • Unintended interactions - spell is partially or completely negated Armor Piercer - blocks everything fixed BtV 1.0 Inner Shadow [Plate] - blocks everything Sunder Armor - blocks everything Forbidden Stab - blocks everything Frost Lance - blocks everything Iron Breaker - blocks everything Threatening Smash - blocks everything Parry Strike [End Damage] - blocks everything Fearless Strike - blocks everything Forceful Swing - blocks everything Soul Shaker - blocks everything Frazzle - blocks everyth…

  • mage cowl - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    problem with mage cowl is its too powerful for how applicable it is to the majority of solo/smallscale builds (notably bow, bletter, curse) press mage cowl -> deal more damage make it interesting and require a brain to play or flat nerf the dps to compensate for its ease of use

  • Bracers have too much damage for the amount of pure mobility and utility they have I mean they made faster deadly swipe but without the mana cost and a knockup recast... the mobility is just disgusting, its on par with the fastest weapon in the game while having actual damage and utility Bracers Q3+W1: 1.773 m/s DBladed Q2 + W2: 1.78 m/s Gloves Q2 hitting a target: 1.631 m/s mostly accurate mobility spreadsheet: up the energy costs or just straight nerf the mobility, gloves wil…

  • New Mercenary Jacket Interactions - - Bugs


    Bump because this issue will also effect the new Living Armor (Great Nature) changes (it will now only heal on direct damage taken) also almost this post's 1yr anniversary

  • Couple of Roads Things - - Bugs Testserver


    When you "fixed" the roads chests problems with clearing too many mobs (to the point at which they were respawning), as a side effect of that you can now unlock almost every chest template by defeating the boss alone - this includes raid chest bosses Static Avalonian Dungeons in the roads are set as Blue (safe) zones - clip (I checked 3 dungeons, this probably effects all of roads ava dungeons) Clicking on roads chests reveals their set rarity state (system chat and popup text) Roaming monks, sp…

  • Ironroot staff - - Bugs


    necessary QoL change, while we're at it can we remove/reduce the standtime? feels so awkward having to two 1 second standtime casts

  • Quote from Quagga: “Quote from “and buff ice shard back, it was the whole identity of frost and basically the only cast speed build left ” I heavily disagree, there was no weapon in the game that was able to trade with frost even with res pot vs non res pot frost Q spam.. ” and it was completely tome/scholar robe reliant. and needed heavy mana sustain. just don't standstill trade in the short (compared to other rdps) 13m range, like an NPC - frost is purely sustained dps, the whole po…

  • make lance pierce through targets (makes finding the prefect angle actually important) and buff ice shard back, it was the whole identity of frost and basically the only cast speed build left

  • doublebladed got fucked by mount hp changes because it just couldn't feasibly dismount targets anymore as for active PvP they should give a slow or interrupt to empowered slam (W1), maybe tune up its dps as well

  • gg helm is a staple for nature heals in smallscale Its literally in the meta 5v5 build rn Maybe up the range if anything, we don't need old gg helm + cleric meta again

  • NDA - - Feedback & Suggestions


    unless they change spelltags, wargloves will likely be completely unaffected by the DR changes (aside from backhand strike)

  • buffed?? hasn't been a nature buff since ItF patch 2

  • Dev Talk: Roads of Avalon Revisited - - News


    Will 6player portals connect to raid roads, hideout roads, or both? And can raid roads and hideout roads have direct connections with roads of their same type? (eg. raid road <-> raid road) From what we know so far the only way to get 20 people into raid road without waiting 30 minutes is having everyone gear out of a hideout. This also means banking the loot you've made in a raid zone is either a 30 minute wait, journey back, or banking in your HO to transport later. Players with HOs will have …

  • imo: Soul Link (Ironroot Staff) - Max link distance: 15m -> 20m - Cast range: 11m -> 15m - Ally-Enemy Link: - Healing transferred: 30% -> 25% - Damage transferred: 10% -> 50% ally-enemy and enemy-enemy links are just never used because it so easy to break the link ally-enemy link now useful defensive/reflect, forces enemies to stop focusing linked ally maybe tune down uptime if it needs a compensation nerf

  • Quote from Quagga: “stalker jacket makes no sense... if the problem is hellion jacket and lack of purge then maybe revert locus nerf and fix specter jacket.... I don't see the slightest point in keeping two identical items.... zvz meta will be gaxe/fang + stalker jacket 100%, the dps lost with gaxe ramp dmg will now make up with stalker jacket buff. ” buff mage robe. Purging Shield (Mage Robe) - Cooldown: 45s -> 30s - Duration: 4s -> 3s - Resistances: 24 -> 40 prevents stalker jacket and hellion…