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  • Patch was up this weekend?! Did not see more core and chest still rats sooo ?

  • If you want fair fight considering IP cap, do CORRUPTED DONJON ! People, please, focus. There is in the game a way to play solo duels...

  • Shrine chest stealing

    Tarhanis - - Bugs


    It happened to us before the patch in the North chest of external static donjon of Hihgtree Enclave area some month ago. We defeated the boss and some rats looted the chest under bubble silence city buff. We can not hit them. It was a little frustrating

  • Thank you for the response. I can add something about road : remove the blobing at 6 peoples, it deny a lot of ganking possibility in the road for small scall groups and discourage the encounter (i am not even sure everybody know it is a 6 men blob now). Take it back to 10 for the raid zones and it will be fine !

  • Hello ! Some feedback about the mists patch : - Love the artwork, and visual of the new mist area - Love the new sounds and musics - Love to see huge ZvZ battle for 4.4 nodes - Realy like the 2v2 mists but it make me feel that we need a 2c2 HG with uncap IP (like the CD option with 3 lvl). Problems about the road : In order to maintain the HO/HQ we need to supply in energy or it will be destroy. This pressure is huge and a little unfair compare to BZ HO which are just vulnerable to attacks if no…

  • Plentifull Resources in Avalonian Roads

    Tarhanis - - Bugs


    I did some chest and lot of them asked me to kill other mobs than just the boss. Sometimes, rarity of the chest is visible before the opening, sometime chest stay "white" but can be opened. Does the rarity appears only if we clean all the mob ?

  • Starting from sunday it is now possible to zone from a map to an other even if you did damage to a player / fight him. This lead to a resurection of "gankers" camping exit of maps. If it is a new feature, it had not be mentionned in the patchnote.

  • Rang Bronze et à 9700pts de saison. On aura le token HQ cette saison ! HO toujours en Avalon pour profiter des road.

  • we saw some core but it is realy rare ! I saw a medium and small chest but no spider. In this state, guilds will lose theire HO or at a price of a loooottttt of time spent in roaming in the void. Insentive to maintain an HO in Avalon seems realy low at this stage

  • Même retour de mon côté, on est 4 HO sur la map et c'est l'enfer pour amener de l'énergie. Hier j'ai vu quand même des petits/moyens coffres 0 araignée. Les map semblent plus connectées qu'avant et on peut aller très loin, ce qui est bien pour le farm. Autre point positif, il y a beaucoup plus de monstres élites dans les zones de fertilité. Les monstres solitaire de type avalon (moine/prêtresse/mage/archer) rapportent énormément de fame et force. Les coffres quand ils sont pop dans les anciennes…

  • This decision is horrible ! The nodes in BZ take all of the interrest because it was enchanted (until 7.0). Finding a 7.0 in a VIII map is just a bad feeling for people who gather. Can we have a real explanation of this decision ? @Amoebius76 In BZ we now have nodes everywhere, not touch because : who will dismount for a 5.O/6.0 nodes ???? The nodes were something realy good for the OW rework, why destroy it ?!

  • Quote from Zees: “Quote from Korn: “Hey there and thanks for the feedback. We are collecting all the information and player input thus far and will aim to address the problems and concerns as quickly as possible. We'll keep you posted and share a more detailed assessment over the coming days. ” The Mist Update is so bad. Thirty minutes of mist time yields extremely low fame rates, one common chest. Pristine resources are unseen even hours into wisp hopping. There needs to be 3x more fame, and mo…

  • Did someone saw some core in Ava road ? I spent a lot of time in the area near from my guild's HQ but can't find any of these. I mean, we have 6 days of invulnerabilty but what will happened after that if we cannot empower the HO ?! In BZ green core are everywhere, in Ava, if your road is HQ zone => 1 ava portal then everywhere in BZ. You'r screw to empower ! This seems realy bad for Ava players. Am I missing something ?

  • Recrutement à nouveau actif après intégration de nouveaux. Changement dans le recrutement : Avoir 10M de renommée minimum. Ca reste un accueil de débutant mais au moins on sait que le jeu vous intéresse ! La formation n'en sera que meilleure. Si vous êtes un joueur de bâton de feu / glace / démoniaque c'est un gros + ! Nous sommes à la porte de la ligue Bronze actuellement.

  • On a dépassé les points de saison de la saison précédente et on fait énormément de fame pour les nouveaux. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

  • Up hebdomadaire ! On approche les points de la saison précédente en moins de 1,5mois. Ca sent bon le Bronze et le HQ ! N'hésitez plus à venir dans le groupe. Encore quelques recrues et on pourra faire le raid Avalo en guilde pour les amateurs de PvE

  • La guilde grandit et les points de saison avec ! n'hésitez pas à nous contacter

  • Petit up ! Nous sommes un peu plus chaque semaine. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact avec moi.

  • Guild stolen

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    Hum, how is it possible to avoid it ? I mean in my point of view only the GM can give the access for this kind of thing, m I wrong ?!

  • Mise à jour de l'annonce de recrutement après notre très bonne saison 16 sur 2 mois avec encore une amélioration au classement général ! On ne lâche rien, on va s'améliorer en Avalon à l'aide du HO pour les mist !