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  • 1. In Game Name: Saiboat 2. Age: 31 3. Approximate Total Fame: 1.7m - casual gaming atm as mainly solo player, willing to participate and get the ball rolling 4. Do you have a microphone / discord?: Yes 5. Activities you enjoy in game.: PvP, PvE, Gathering/Crafting, farm 6. Activities you would like to learn more about / start participating in.: open for any PvP / PvE 7. Interest in leadership position? When time comes with in game expirience would love too, have lots of experience behind sholde…

  • - Nick: Saiboat - Name: Anton - Age: 32 - AO experience: beta - and now 4 month - Former Guilds: N/A - Language: English - Why did you choose Tridra? Looking for guild to learn more about the game have fun playing it (have some experience from previous games like Ultima online for 8 years and plenty of hours in WOW etc. etc. etc. a bit of prof. gaming when we were soldi...... students)