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  • Please consider some of these things, SBI. Many of my friends are already burned out of faction because they have to capture 6 zones before they get into a ZvZ. Only having small outposts (no large scale objectives) is a mistake. There is 0 incentive to defend. Nobody is invested into upgrading anything.. nobody feels invested into having to defend anything.

  • CTA has been an amazing patch, but yellow zones have been implemented poorly. It's pretty sad to see this considering the fact many other games have similar systems that work a lot better but the devs have taken no inspiration from them. Right now, if you want a ZvZ in yellow zones you often times need to capture 5-6 zones before the enemy even start showing up. Please consider adding 1 large scale objective between every city. Something people can invest time into upgrading and feel incentivize…

  • Kill points have been increased in CTA patch 2, so I've crossed that one out.

  • Faction Warfare needs large scale objectives, like one between every city. Something people need to invest into upgrading and protect.

  • CTA was a good update. I've engaged a lot with this update and am currently top 5 spot in my city. Here are my thoughts. Lack of incentives (and ability) to defend objectives There is a very clear lack of incentive to defend anything. And even if there was an incentive, by the time you've massed people to defend the zone is lost anyway. Faction Warfare desperately needs large scale objectives. You can place one between every major city or something of that nature. Guild Wars 2 is a game that doe…

  • Sounds good. Does SBI have the advanced technology yet to make the raid UI a toggle, so we can hide it? Or is the technology not quite there yet.

  • I don't know how SBI didn't think about this. Please add faction flagged as a restriction to the party finder, so players can more easily find faction PvP. [All] [Guild Only] [Alliance Only] [Faction Only] And while you're at it, make the raid UI a toggle so we can hide it.

  • It's clear with the testing today that we need large scale objectives. Current outposts are undefendable in large scale. Also, consider limiting non-lethal to blue zones.

  • 1. Way too many non-lethal zones. Non-lethal is terrible to begin with, but faction PvP is absolutely littered with non-lethal zones... so we have to travel really far for real content and we may not even be able to capture it because we need the non-lethal connecting zones first. Just feels awful. I can't stress enough how awful it feels you need to travel a lot of zones before you even get to a lethal zone. Faction PvP worked really well with full lethal before. Sad to see this change. There i…

  • [Faction Warfare] Misc.

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    Cluster Queue We don't know if this will be a problem, but why reserve spots for non-faction flagged players? They have no business in the zone and can just skip. Also, consider giving queue priority to people with high faction kill participation. Faction PvP is absolutely littered with 'rats' who are there to loot and not take part in the fights. Hope this won't be a problem. Zone capture bar The constant blink on the top progression bar is annoying. Perhaps allow it to be toggled away? Raid UI…

  • I'm happy to see the faction update, but I would like to see larger objectives too. It can become a little boring with only fighting over tiny outposts. Consider adding larger structures, that take longer to attack (so that people have time to ask for reinforcement in /faction chat.) Here is an example of an already existing large structure that you could use. c78de44e66f54f42da069f51f7a01ff5.png Could be fun with larger objectives, that you could potentially invest some time into defending and …

  • Please. In ZvZ we are forced to be in a full 20 man party. That doesn't mean we want to have it on our screen. Allow us to toggle away the raid UI.

  • Faction PvP suggestion

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    Faction PvP is going to be absolutely littered with rats who won't particiate in PvP and are just there to loot. At least make it so that cluster queue prio favors people who have a high faction standing and high PvP participation or something similar.

  • The problem is not people breeding them, lmao. The price is in the pups. Direwolf pups only drop in very specific zones, from very specific mobs. Swiftclaw cubs drop in ALL zones thanks to random dungeons. Historically, swiftclaw and direwolf prices were more similar.. But that was before the random dungeon update when SBI fucked it up.

  • Swedish overlords, please make SBI add this simple feature to make ZvZ not super annoying. Ty.

  • a4d1c65c37aa92595c39ef04a30076c3.pngc5c76a3b811ccfc01c8cdb603389d034.png This game has a balance team / person? I would show you a screenshot of Direwolf Pup prices... but they are not even on the market. a3e17329dee666ffc1b72f80a47e6ad9.png Meanwhile.. Swiftclaw cubs are like 35k. The mounts are very similar in stats, and the prices used to be very close before the introduction of random dungeons. Post-update the price difference is completely out of control.

  • SBI, we've been asking for this for years now. Come on.

  • Quote from gideonflynn: “There's a real disparity between swiftclaws and dire wolves because of the drop rate and how they drop... but is that all of the story? ” Yes, that's all. Cubs are dropped in a dungeon (something people spam in every zone thanks to random dungeons). Pups only drop from open-world skinners, in very specific zones. That's why the former is almost a mil while the latter is barely 25k. Prior to the random dungeon update, the prices weren't this far apart. It's SBI that fucke…

  • "Elite" mobs in world boss zones should be immune to invisible abilities. SBI has attempted to bring more open world conflict with the buffing of world boss zones. It has failed. It's not worth fame farming in these zones because of how easy it is to disrupt in ratting builds (with a lot of invis). Invis mechanics should not work in world boss zones. This will promote actual PvP instead.