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  • Quote from trosky6601: “I know some people cannot afford to spend 14$ a month to play a game, but it's not mandatory to have and you can even pay with ingame money, so i don't get the complaints ” Its not necessarily about affordability ... its about the size of the price hike, which is just taking the piss. Beyond unreasonably and well beyond inflation which makes it just a cash grab. Pure greed.

  • Stillfront bought SBI for 120 million Euros. Of course they want their investment repaid. And with inflation across Europe up to over 10% and increased running costs as a result, they are passing those costs onto their customers ... as most businesses do. Its not rocket science.

  • 8.3 not upgradeable to 8.4

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    Quote from G1zwut: “everything becomes worthless after a single update? ” Hardly "worthless". Dont be a drama queen.

  • You can progress without ever leaving a safe zone. Progress will be slower though. you can get gathering skills to T8 in a safe zone, combat skills to 100 spec, in a safe zone. Some content will however be locked out for you.

  • Gathering dungeons is already something SBI have on their roadmap. Its been a while since it was first mentioned so dont know when it will happen ... wait and see I guess.

  • Fresh Start Server

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    A new server would be dominated by hardcore pre-made guilds. It would be a shitfest, and probably fun for a small amount of people, for a short amount of time.

  • Nice idea. Have a like.

  • Quote from Diazar: “I said the issue was not the increment but the fact that it was too high in one go to not come with something in return but to be fair English is not my first language so my phrasing might be wrong or confusing so I do apologize for that ” Absolutely no apology necessary. I wish I spoke a second language as well as you do. Your English is excellent

  • Quote from Diazar: “But to justify an excessive price raise you'd need more shit... Seems you disagree just to disagree ” I understand a price rise. But this is excessive. You indicated that ANY price rise without new content is unacceptable which is BS.

  • Quote from Diazar: “Freeplay or payers, can agree that the problem is not as much as the higher prices (inflation or whatever the reason it's too much of an increment in one go) but the fact that they do so without giving ANYTHING new in return, ” I dont agree. overheads increase. Prices rise. We don't necessarily need more shit to justify a price rise. This price rise however seems excessive

  • Quote from Aedelwolf79: “I havent seen news about this before so maybe i missed it, but what is the reason for raising the costs of premium? ” Prices go up. inflation etc. as does the companies overheads. This will only be the second time they have increased prices since the game launched over 5 years ago. This rise seems excessively steep though ... I guess Stillfront want to claw back more of their 120m euro investment

  • Quote from da7kstyn7: “What is everyone's opinion if, in the future, the developer will update the fame collection from one character to put in another character? ” Why? Just an awful idea. Quote from da7kstyn7: “or can change the gender of the character or the name of the character ” Both suggested many many times. Gender change apparently isnt easy to do due to the way character creation assigns armour types on setup. Devs have stated this. Name change gets a mixed response from people ... nam…

  • The rules are pretty clear. RMT is absolutely not allowed and carries a perma-ban. How SBI apply that rule in individual circumstances is entirely up to them.

  • Quote from AresDesiderata: “1. You guys got rid of Energy Bolt Q on the arcane.... maybe you thought you were doing something good but this was the stupidest thing you've done with the game so far... you could've easily added Chain Missile to the Arcane and still kept Energy Bolt for those of us who had designed and grinded our builds based around that skill like I did... Now I have level 70 spec into the Occult and I can't even use the one skill that made my build work the way it did... I feel …

  • Its free, and great fun even on mobile ... why dont you try it and see for yourself ....

  • AustrAlienSki

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    Quote from MekaDeth: “Goodbye! ” Cya. Ass and door and all that ... Edit. There was a "new" player in help chat a feew days back called Australianski who was being a complete dickhead, had created an alt (so he said) and generally being a c**t. Guess that was you avoiding a ban on your main.

  • Nah. Dont believe the story. So many red flags I could list. All from the "how to get a refund without asking" script. Textbook stuff, right down to the profile pic But yeah .. Im done ... unfollowing the thread.

  • Quote from Telkwa: “This is a fact that you're snobbish attitude is ignoring. ” When you click on the albion store the initial buy screen says "mount skin". it isnt hidden. The OP is blatantly angling for a freebie from SBI .. I have no time for that nonsense

  • Quote from LilyBlanche: “It's really not that complicated ” indeed

  • Quote from Exooticz: “idk what is sbi waiting for to add this.. ” Because as they stated ... its not easily done and complicated?