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  • Quote from Skuzzlebutt: “Quote from Colt14: “Quote from Skuzzlebutt: “Are you going to model the entire game around the mists? ” You by now shouldve learned that they panic "balance" around whatever is their newest content, because thats where people are shouting the loudest. thats been the sbi way to deal with stuff for the past 7 years ive been following this game ” I love there's people out here trying to deny this isn't the case. ” They are nerfing two weapon lines and two weapons. The most …

  • Wellcome to todays albion. Where you have the mount next to you while farming any objective and can mount up immedietly. Making objectives easy to farm. Which causes objective to be designed to not give too big of a reward. Everyone is safe farming but everyone gets mediocre rewards for it. The game is turning into a new player friendly game because new players bring the most $$ to SBI. For experienced players it ends up being a heavy grind fest.

  • Complaining that all the op weapons in the mists are getting a nerf? Quote from Skuzzlebutt: “? Whats the reasoning behind that. You can BARELY reset a fight with a badon bow right now if you have bracers and with the range reduction it will be even worse. ” I play curse with no mobillity skills and have no problem with resetting a fight with a bow using only soldier boots. And you are telling me it is a problem with the most mobile weapon in the game? Seems like a you problem...

  • This is one way to take it. The other good way would be to reduce the e range by half. The weapon would function simmilary in zvz and larger groups but would lose the abillity to run away from the fight making it easier to deal with in solo/ small scale. Damage or mobillity. SBI should chose one and nerf the other because the bloodletter is too good at both.

  • Latest NDA

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    Quote from Clasics: “Armors Bloodlust (Mercenary Jacket) Heal per Tick: 42 -> 54 Number of Ticks: 9 -> 7 This changes are the lamest ones, you just tick some numbers, what's the point? ” This is a very good change allowing slower weapons to proc full effect. Quote from Clasics: “And this last one was the one that inspired my post, but this hood already had 100% reflect rate, a few years ago, when the meta was wearing cleric robe, giant boots and hunter hood, and it was one of the most braindead …

  • Roads content got ratted

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    Roads chests are getting ratted. The design flaws are the same as with the group static dungeons. Nature staff thorns pve damage is still not nerfed. Group content is still getting ratted by 30k 4.0 wild staff builds with 0 spec. - This wasn't bad enough so we got the experience expanded into roads. And I am here wondering, when will SBI learn?

  • 8.3 not upgradeable to 8.4

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    Ahh, the strougles of a yellow zone warrior

  • They should add a new crossbow q for solo play.

  • Quote from Fabrizziou: “The actual leap is 1.5m range The uppercut has the 4.5m range So u have 6m range mobility on 7 sec cooldown (6 sec with cd reduction from deadwater eel stew and jacket passive), 20 mana cost and conditioned to hit an enemy to enable the recast Anyway it will be good to take a look on this mobility ” Both leap and uppercut have 4.5 meter range in the tooltip. Dragon leap has similar range indicator to the daggers deadly swipe. The mobillity was the same on both dragon leap…

  • With mists comming out the dragon leap needs to be adressed. Comparing it to deadly swipe on daggers shows how broken the abillity is. Deadly swipe 5m range, 4s cooldown, 24 energy cost(on 1000 ip dagger), short standtime after casting Dragon leap 4,5m range, 4s cooldown (2 seconds if you hit an enemy), 10 energy cost (on 1000 ip wargloves), no standtime Dragon leap provides same mobillity as deadly swipe with less than half energy cost. The solution: double the energy cost of the first part and…

  • Quote from McCeeves: “This is ridiculous. I'm not making a general comment about that weapon I am refering specificaly to the arena. It's about your comprehension not my problem. ” Then it is time you learn that if a weapon is bad in one type of content and great in some other type of content, it is unreasonable to ask for buffs. Buffing kingmaker would make it very opressive in open world group play. Instead of asking for unreasonable buffs, which would ruin the game for many players, you shoul…

  • Quote from Pipeer: “Aaaah the bee mount guy! At least he is a consistent guy! But the point here is not too create another content, it is just too offer a quick way too practice in real condition (ie: lethal) before going into the open world. So it doesn't matter : - if not everyone feel concerned : the main target is beginner and people who want to practice pvp with a lethal component. - if people loose interest and do other content : the goal is to allow people do to other content with more co…

  • Quote from Pipeer: “It will happen if there are enough request. It is in the best interest of the game to drive many people as possible to be comfortable with the idea of lethal fight ” Most people dislike the CD and most duel 10 times to try it out and never do it after. There is no interest in a content between these two either. But you can keep spamming the requests. Just like the bee mount guy did on reddit and got nowhere...

  • You have duel and CD. You can even make a scrim and practice. Now you want something in between. Seems like this would need too much work and end up being the same content we alredy have. Then it would only divide the playerbase and for no good reason at all. This seems like something you specifficaly would benefit from and most would not bother with this.

  • core dissapeared

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    I zoned trough to the next zone while having a core, got a long black screen and logged out. After logging in the core was gone.

  • Reducing the dmg would only kill the weapon. Reducing the mobillity would bring it more in line with other daggers. So reduce the e range or add a cast time on e.

  • The problem with cleric robe is not that it is too good but that it is good in any situation. Unlike the cleric cowl that is good for deffense only and is not on every build because not every build needs deffense. Cleric robe needs a rework. Remove the dmg buff, add a dmg reduction, and increase the duration. Turn it into a deffensive robe.

  • There is hce... But why does the risk vs reward bother you so much?

  • Quote from Wizardi: “a crappy server. Do you know the status of the server? ” Status: On fire

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Quote from ziigii: “Quote from Trial_hard: “the alt is called cheating - if u take cheating "get around ..things" I end the discussion here Think a second before you counter a proposal with a cheat argument - that makes zero sense ” I countered it with 3 non cheating examples. And what if that is not an alt on the entrance but you pay someone 100k to do that for 10 min? There is an alt on every entrance of a group dungeon so why would it be a good idea to implement a chan…