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  • Title is self-explanatory. Tested on live and staging.

  • Roads of Avalon Bugs

    Vocandin - - Bugs


    - Chest mobs from previously green chests are still in their solo version - Knight boss sometimes knocks you and can chain-cc you to death. Also casts a few too many spells, sometimes using all 3 at once. - Knight boss reflect knockback can knock you far enough to reset boss - Mobs still get their zerg buff at 3 players. - Chest icons missing for both blue and golden chests

  • Small first step towards roads. Looking forward to the rest being fixed.

  • I can't wait for mists to be fixed so we can stop ignoring what was done to roads of avalon and the market search.

  • This feedback is based on things I had already posted from testing as well as having whole guild engage with both mists and roads from moment it dropped until ~3 UTC. Mists - Bosses are too rare, you'll never reach actual supply of artifacts like this. This is the 1.4m hallowfall situation all over again but worse. You can't roll for the artifacts, it wasn't pre-introduced like glove artifacts were. - Most content is prone to griefing, unlike lands awakened where it forces people to dismount or …

  • Quote from Quagga: “I agree that gathering gear need rework, same as tools, but until there is no risk = reward any buffs to tools/gear with yield will only bring the price of resources down.... first SBI should fix the problem with risk = reward because for now BZ are a login - logout simulator. ” The yield could be readjusted so it isn't a buff. Wearing flat would reward less while ~.1 outstanding would match the previous baseline. After that your set cost adds a lot to the risk vs reward.

  • Gathering gear has been untouched for a while and it really sucks that you get full benefits no matter the enchant or quality of the gear you use. Also tools don't even roll quality. So here's my proposal: - Gathering yield now increases based on IP, this means both enchant AND quality affect your final yield - Tools can now be enchanted as well as roll quality - Gathering speed scales off tool IP - Introduce the following passives for gathering gear: - Reduce yield by X%, receive %X extra fame …

  • Quote from Mabruck: “Ok but then this is suggestion/feedback and not a bug. Please create threats in the correct section next time so we have a better overview Feedback Testserver ” Was not aware it wasn't a bug hence the post is here. When everything else is shared and one thing isn't, it's just the fair assumption to make as there isn't a reason stated anywhere other than the reply above Feel free to move the post however.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “SBI is trying to force the group size to be smaller if it cannot be done through Loot then it will be done through portal charge ” Nobody is arguing about the smaller portal size, the point is making Brecilien portal different than what you find in roads effectively makes anyone running roads regularly as a group, to not do them as groups running from other places will naturally default to 6.

  • As for the roads, thats very naive thinking. When roads were 7 mans and active everyone defaulted to 7 man groups. Why would it be different now? Theres a lot less incentives for solo players to roam roads other than scouting as green chests and portals are not a thing anymore. @Obelis can we please look into this? As it is now it means any groups that want to live out of Brecillien can't use it to roam roads.

  • How come roads are now 6 man portals, but the unstable portal in the city is capped at 5? This means anyone running groups of 6 is unable to participate from the city.

  • Yes I meant mists sorry. And yes it's the caged wisps. If you're as a duo rewards should be shared, just weird if not as everything else is. When a core is channeled into a hideout everyone gets the rewards, not just the person who channeled, same for chests, vortexes, weakened wisps...

  • Same as when clearing mobs, it should be split in 2 if both players are nearby.

  • Also wasn't able to complete them once I got back.

  • I do wonder however, why such a steep decrease in value for the bigger amounts. 12 months premium now is a much worse deal than pre-nerf numbers.

  • Brecilien Roads

    Vocandin - - Feedback Testserver


    Brecilien seems on paper the perfect city to be your base if you do mists / roads. Not attached to any royal or outland drama. However, roads are now set to only have 6 man portals (aside from raid zones), if you guys don't want groups to run from Brecilien that's fine, but would be nice to be able to sustain groups from the city itself and contribute to its economy.

  • Understandable. Still quite easy to maintain premium with regular focus use, bit harder to get your first premium if you don't have it yet. You can consistently make ~500k per day with focus. That's ~15m over 30 days. If you account for all the other bonuses premium includes it's still massive value for money spent and pays for itself fast.

  • Lets goooooooooooooooooo

  • Dev Talk: Roads of Avalon Revisited

    Vocandin - - News


    Amazing changes so far. Just wonder if SBI got rid of solo map use in hideout zones, and what is the treshold on hideout power level before it gets damaged (and does this change based on zone tier?)

  • Dev Talk: Development Update

    Vocandin - - News


    Quote from Schmellow: “Since last year OW rework was a huge success, i'm optimistic, however here's a concern: transporting It's not a secret that roads are widely used as a safe(r) transport route between BZ and royals. Mists have potential to be even safer? Let's say i pull a bear with goods through the mists. Who really can hurt me solo? I guess it won't be easy to find an exit, but eventually? ” From the looks of the video, mists don't allow for mounted players, also they don't have known en…