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  • Dev Talk: What's Next?

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    Any ETA on update?

  • Service - Bank of Caerleon

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    Deposited 50m, pending confirmation. Thanks

  • The guys doing arena would prefer to do 5v5 que anytime imo. If you really wanted you can do match every 30 mintutes, thoughout the day to remove ('you found no opponent' scenario).

  • except I see no buffs to 10v10 - 20v20 focused gameplay yet. Maybe in a future annoucement?

  • Good changes. Top teams wont be doing level 1s @ 13 UTC anymore because they did not want to spend the money for level 2 and 3 in the market, instead they will at least be doing level 2 if they want to farm stats.

  • And OCE/SEA 12 UTC btw. 3 times a day.

  • Disarray / Alliance change only solves 5% of the problem of Guild v Guild. Open-World Territory Battles is still badly designed. It is desinged for N+1 NAP alliances, instead of a medium scale fair fight. If you do not want to use hard cap (20v20 - 80v80), then here are some options from me quickly thinking: 1) Reduce attack cost to 0 silver - attacking a territory should be free (not the stale gameplay that we are seeing in the the game now, and for a long time in albion). People should be read…

  • Quote from Gerrit: “Quote from Wargorth: “I am officially quitting ZvZ untill it is actually fixed to where it is enjoyable for me. ” Adapt or quit is a motto for all mmos. You chose to quit. So weak ” I am quitting something I have never enjoyed in the game. After removing 5v5s as the main game mode in the game I tried it out but It is still mega allianace hand holding zerging bullshit. Why should I play something i dont enojy, just because it is now the main gamemode? 20v20 is fun, not the shi…

  • I am officially quitting ZvZ untill it is actually fixed to where it is enjoyable for me. See you guys hopefully in 1 year? Can't be another 3 years right? Queen till now looks like a failure, just like I predicted with the current Dissarray values. And Hideouts being the most bullshit thing I have heard, "for small guild to have a place in the Outlands"...... Anyways, 5v5 is still good enough, so ill stay around for that. With this backtracking you might see other players quit like me. Quote fr…

  • Ah ok, thx. Skipped reading the first part xd

  • @Elsa Stonemouth Northbluff 00:00 - 04:00 is 88 not 80 Sanddrift expanse bugged too, probably more

  • Swords crossed on faction bosses for way to long. Still not fixed - Bug

  • Devs saying that casual guids cannot create NAPS cause it is so hard, is very puzzling to me. What is exactly hard about making an agreement with another guild leader? Easy. I'm an officer in a more casual guild for reference. Whether we would want to create a NAP is a different story. NAPS I would imagine are harder to maintain. NAPS create more drama & potitics. NAPS involve friendly fire, so weaker zergs. Weaker zergs, potential to break a NAP at any time, friendly fire drama. ..... Which is …

  • A Brief Guide to Zerg Mechanics

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    looking at the map in alliance view makes me bring back old memories. - no alliance cap - Incudes a cluster que which is still not properly detaily explained. Does 100% reservation go to a zerg with 350 ppl on 1400 IP. Like if they have way more players with higher IP does it mean they have 3x times your numbers on the map?? - Says Hideouts are for small guild to have a place in the outlands. It should be written as small guild which are lucky on day1 of Queen release or have relationships with …

  • OCE / SEA / Australian Guild is Recruiting! [The Kingsmen]

  • Patch Notes say they should spawn every 5 hours, but they seem to spawn every 2h 30m. Is this the new respawn rate?

  • Quote from Retroman: “Declaring an attack costs 2 million silver ” Is this Silver removed from the game or where does it go? Thx

  • @Mytherceria So if a PUG of 5 players from all different guilds sign up, would the season point go the the party leader or it will be split evenly between the players' respective guilds? Thanks.

  • Quote from Korn: “would you mind sharing your calculations? ” Yeah they are flawed, you are right! Thanks. Zerg = Number of Player * Value of each player Value of each player~ = Tankyness (which is 1/(1+extra dmg taken from debuff) ) * Damage Ouput = (which is 1-reduced damage dealt). Although not sure if I am being dumb again, but I think according to the above formular your examples are also wrong, I think. Or is there another variable that you have not talked about? Quote from Korn: “A few ex…

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “Dissarray is awesome. da.png ” According to my calculations if we dont consider tanks as much: 77 people is effectively ~ 59.3 people & 167 people is effectively ~ 49.5‬ people Going any more than 120 is not needed and slowly nerfs your zerg the more you go above it. So if we ignore Tanks, Black Order really had the advantage here. If it was 77 vs 120 they would have the disadvantage.