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  • Laborers

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    To calculate the the silver I pay for my island managers i collect all resources from one week in a chest. Then multiply all resources with their current market value. Divide that by the number of books, and you know the income of 1 book. Keep in mind the time spent and initial investments for stones etc.

  • hm, shop owners, cartell,... There was always a kind of more or less organised communication between shop owners. At some point in history, people started calling it a Cartell. This stimulated phantasies, most importantly the phantasies of investors. But on a daily basis shops just sell nutrition/food.

  • some 2cent - too high fees takes the fun out of crafting like too high taxes for you rl company do. Currently they feel much too high. (Knowing would be better then feeling here, but thats a lot math and I'm lazy.) - as of now, the system need a strong shop owner community (aka mafia, cartel, monopoly, ...) to offer a sustainable service for players in cities - only SBI can solve that - others please don't try if you not Bananapudding, its only a sad mess in one way or the other.

  • Quote from Player112: “There is also the question of why the previous renter let it go cheap when the plot has a profit potential so much greater than the asking price? ” He drank too much the day before auction ends.

  • I only know of 1 market manipulation from SBI, which is the mechanism that stops inflation with a threshold. You can see that in the (some, all?) NPC prices. For example T6 laborer books now are 8k, although gold price is around 2,4k. When gold was below 2k, the book price followed every move until gold hit 2k. This threshold in itself isnt manipulation if it would be static. But SBI changed it in the past several times. Though you could also call that regulation. Depends on point of view I gues…

  • hm, the heat radiates and the heated air is rising? ) Anyway the lava is burning people in the air. All knockups in the game are not elevating people high enough to be safe from fire. It more like a good barbecue position.

  • This room has to be very big, can't see any Elephant ^ ... All this is about your guesses about what the design team is doing? We all don't know exactly. Best would be to ask them. You can find most developers in this forum section Developers' Statements

  • Quote from outfit: “Quote from Finalhecate: “You should mark the type of rat you are facing.. if you are facing greater nature, start bringing fiend cowl, it's not a bad helmet, can purge positive [except giant on guardian boots].. can purge gear or any positive buff... when you see the greater nature about to use it. ait for it and then purge it. living armor is done and they lose... if you see the blood letter alone, check his boots.. they usually go in combo of using the explosive mobs to kil…

  • Best mount raising for F2P

    Blatta - - Forum Banter


    Quote from Player112: “This is why I don't bother tracking anything, it's not necessary. I have everything I need to have fun with this free game. ” That is great for you. Seriously, no sarcasm here. I just wonder why you ask such questions then: "For animal feed, is it cheaper in the cost of seeds to grow cabbage instead of carrots?", which is basically the opening post of this 10 page thread

  • Guilde Robbery

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    If that is the whole story, then no. He took what you allowed him to take. Everything else is the beauty of this game.

  • Hm, without seeing it on the test server, how can you argue so hard about ir? It is security by obscurity, not perfect security like in SP expedition. How obscure/secure it will be depends on RSD per time per area * deepness of the dungeon / time to finish * reward (or something like that, just to picture it.) From all the years I know this game, I think it would be absurd, like totally unthinkable to have 100% secure content in OW. Thats not gonna happen. How can you even come to that idea? Of …

  • Impatience is bad here. Its market pvp, you have to wait for error of your "enemies". And you need to have a plan, a broad one that keeps you going. And a lot of ideas about what can be done in what situation. Know about daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal changes. Who uses what gear in what situation and how much of that situations will happen in the next hours, days, weeks and so on. Thats needs a lot more then looking in the BM one hour without a plan. If you need fast money there are better way…

  • Well lets see, there never were 30 -50 dungeons on one map. If i understood that right. Had to read a few times.

  • Pay a scout.

  • Best mount raising for F2P

    Blatta - - Forum Banter


    "The carrots are really free, really" Free the carrots! tl;dr: Nothing is free.

  • "provide that information to players." The sniffing part is not a problem at all. But i think it would help if you explain a bit what exactly you want to provide. Write to support if its a secret. But it would be possible to build things that give players to much advantages using the information i think. Iirc it was a bit discussed in one of the threads about Cathair´s

  • Quote from Piddle: “ The official position of SBI is now that anyone who complains about the Caerleon cartel is just a whining baby. You heard it from Shozen and Bogul. Vasort is good and VOC needs to be "kicked so hard in his rumpus that it just sticks in there" ” Was not was I heard in the video. I heard at least Shozen told a few times that what Vasort did is to be seen problematical to some point. On the other hand both disliked how Voc communicated, calling people idiot and himself hero - d…

  • Bogul wrote: "If the cartel can easily defend the cities indefinately, then its a long-term problem." Little fun fact. I lost my weaver in Caerleon two auctions ago. Just missed to log on on Sunday. This last auction i took ca. 200m and placed randomly bids on around 30 plots. I got a plot. It took me 200m, from which i got 196m back and ca. 15m to (theoretically*) BREAK THE CARTEL lel.

  • "lies, blackmails, price fixing, secrecy, deception, and anything else that is onlyhonorable between criminals and mafia" .... like killing? all that pixel blood, thats ok? lel

  • ... if they aint kicked im leaving the guild ... ... he kicks me on the spot ... ... this dumb ...