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  • The Living Legacy Starts Today!

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    Quote from Inusaa: “Are rewards and skins bound on account or characters ? ” The unlock items you receive via mail (Avatar & Ring) are bound to character but every character receives the mail. The unlock items dropped from statues are all tradable. Once used they are unlocked for your whole account.

  • Albion Online Bug

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    Thank you very much for reporting but none of the above are bugs but actually intended. Randomized Dungeon Maps: portals from higher tier maps can now appear in lower tier zones since the update from Wednesday. Roads of Avalon: the zone itself has a tier that determines what tier of mobs you can between those marked pockets. the pockets on the other hand have tier that is different from the one of the zone. Best regards, Thorn

  • What @Amoebius76 is basically correct. That they currently drop piles of 0 silver is a bug and will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Best regards, Thorn

  • Quote from Piddle: “Is this for ALL resources or just T7/T8. I hope you say all of them. ” Sorry to crush your hopes. The randomization is limited to Tier 7 and Tier 8.

  • Hello everyone, busy week so my reply is a little late. I am very sorry that wasn't able to answer your concerns earlier. The changes to hardcore expeditions will part of the next version of the patch notes. I'll will post them here as well: Quote: “Hardcore Expeditions In order to ensure Hardcore Expeditions are properly aligned with other features, a reduction to the overall rewards was necessary. We also increased how much power the enemies in Expeditions gain per level to compensate for the …

  • Quote from PeePan: “I heard about HCE being patched as well. Is it missing from the list (unless the roll changes)? ” The changes to Hardcore Expeditions will be part of the next version of the patch notes. We also adjusted the values after everyones feedback. Quick Preview of what will be in the patch notes: Quote from Albion Online: “Hardcore Expeditions In order to ensure Hardcore Expeditions are properly aligned with other features, a reduction to the overall rewards was necessary. We also i…

  • Quote from Volite: “From what I've tested, the opening rules seem to be reversed, is this a bug, please? - Dungeon Maps (Solo, Group, and Elite) : - Maps opened in Outlands: - T5 maps: T5-8 zones - T6 maps: T6-8 zones - T7 maps: T5-8 zones The main conflict is here - T8 maps: T6-8 zones The main conflict is here ” This was a misunderstanding. We since fixed the patch notes. What it should have said is just as you mentioned the reversed logic. For example tier 8 Randomized Dungeons created by map…

  • Hi everyone, In this post, I want to introduce the changes coming to resources.…b98e14d36def78f04a61fa6ba Treasure Resources With Lands Awakened we will introduce so-called Treasure Resources. Those treasures will replace the old Tier 7 and Tier 8 Big Nodes. Treasure resources will also be available on Tier 5 and Tier 6. They will always spawn with a full 30 resources per resource node and not only that but their chances of being enchanted are highly increased. But…

  • Treasure Rework

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    Hi everyone, Here I want to talk a little bit about how and why we changed Treasure Sites and what you can expect from them when Lands Awakened launches. Old vs New The old Treasure Sites hadn’t been touched for a long time. We weren’t happy with the gameplay surrounding their static location and fixed spawn times. In this Update, all of these old areas will be gone from the game. No more static locations besides Castles and Castle Outposts. Instead, you will be able to find Treasures that appea…

  • Hi everyone, In this post, I want to introduce you to the changes we made to enemy creatures you can find while roaming around the open world.…b98e14d36def78f04a61fa6ba Many of you might already know that there were already some mobs in the game that were able to upgrade from normal creatures to more rare versions the longer they are alive which includes e.g. Crystal Spiders. We built upon this idea and also expanded the diversity of enemies you can encounter for a…

  • Quote from decand: “Quote from PrintsKaspian: “ - PvE Rewards in Lethal Hellgates increased: - 2v2: +10% - 5v5: +20% - 10v10: +30% ” for clarity, is this referring to empty gate chests, mob fame, or both? ” This is loot only. Most chests had their loot increased as mentioned. Since the loot in the Chest you get after a PvP fight consists of a PvE reward and a PvP reward its increase was slightly lower since only the PvE part got increased.

  • Spider

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    Quote from Zynthia: “whilst fighting the new OW spider, anytime anyone new rides up theres a chance for aggro switch without no atk or use of taunt, then person in question rides out of range and reset, still being naked without taunt ” We will fix this as soon as possible.

  • The loot and fame in our reworked Hellgates should be better than comparable activities. But of course those values have been balanced with Infamy in mind. Since everyone on the test servers starts out at 0 infamy for Hellgates all rewards may seem lower than they are actually going to be at average infamy levels. Just like in Corrupted Dungeons infamy can increase your rewards by up to 100%! Thank you very much for your time testing Hellgates and giving feedback. It really helps us collecting d…

  • Sorry about my phrasing here. The new fame buff only applies to static dungeons, world bosses and elite mobs in the Black Zone just like the buff before the patch. Elite mobs are mobs intended for larger groups. Their location are shown on the world map by their World Boss (Harvester for Undead, Earthmother for Keeper and Demon Prince for Morgana). Best Regards, Thorn Delwyn

  • Guild Season 11 Schedule

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    Quote from Gouloute: “Hello, can someone explain me why the world bosses T8 give 90 guild points instead of 15 ? 90.png ” Black zones have a level (from 1 to 6) which usually increases the closer a zone is to the center of the Outlands. Zones with a higher level have a higher enchantment rate for resources (of Tier 6+) and their level is multiplied to any season points. So killing a world boss that rewards 15 points in a level 6 zone will gain you 15 * 6 = 90 season points. You can find more inf…

  • Quote from CynicalEntity: “Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Defeating a major World Boss (Demon Prince, Earthmother, Harvester) now grants an hour-long buff that increases Fame for killing mobs within the same zone by 20%. Buff is limited to 20 allies and is lost upon dying, leaving the zone, or logging out. ” Took down Keeper Earthmother in Inis Mon a couple of hours ago and the group did not notice a fame buff. Is it a hidden buff that does not have an icon to indicate that it is active?Our group si…

  • Quote from Robinhoodrs: “Question; The Raid Zone section talks about the fame rewards being improved greatly, but no mention of the loot being changed? Is this overlooked in the patch notes or has the loot not changed? Also, have the T8 chests that spawn in the zone that are protected by mobs be reverted back to their old loot table? (This was changed because people could rat them as they were guarded by lower tier mobs) ” Loot for open world encounters has been balanced around their availabilit…

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Whats a "black market bank"?? ” Well, those are the Outland Banks that can be found all over the Black Zone. They are managed by the Black Market Trade Organization under the Don of Caerleon. There you can buy some safe bank space for little silver to store your loot in the Black Zone even without access to a Hideout. You can find their location on the World-map.

  • That was an oversight with the off season setup. We changed that and soon the daily level 2 matches will be available in the off season as well.

  • Thank you for your feedback and I am happy to tell you that this is exactly what we are going to do. Siege camps in Black zones will become black market banks. Only siege camps in the red zone will get removed without a replacement. Best regards, Thorn