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  • Quote from Heupeller: “as in, it's only been happening for the past 2 days ” to report the bug, please send it into the bug reports forum with a screenshot of it happening

  • [RESOLVED] Mobile Client Error

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    Hi everyone! There is currently an issue with the Mobile Client not being compatible with the newest version of the game. We are aware of the issue and are looking for a solution. We will keep you updated here and on Discord. The issue has been fixed! You should be able to log in through mobile clients again. We apologize for the inconvenience. Kind Regards, Nesnes & DevTeam

  • We used to come up with different names for every single one, usually like cute/funny names, then we ran out of names to use and started just rolling our heads over the keyboard which we then agreed was not very original. So we started the googlymoogly number system. When you get to the thousands of names to be changed, at some point there has to be a system for it.

  • Hello Everyone! With the growing number of players in Albion Online, our Support team is looking for more friendly additions! Currently, we are looking for Korean or Chinese speakers. If you’re interested in helping out more with Albion Online, apply to Please include the following information: - Name - Age - Have you worked in any customer service-related field yet? - For how long have you been playing Albion Online? - Character name(s) you play on - What languages …

  • Quote from notthinkingaboutit: “thanks for the info... would be handier if the ingame message was adjusted ” hi! yeah we would like that too, but the problem is that often we can't anticipate how long exactly it is going to take, that's also why my announcement was very late

  • Hello everyone! Due to the launch of Patch 6, Today's maintenance is extended by approximately 30 minutes up to one hour (could last up until 12:00 UTC) If you would like to read more about patch 6 in the meantime, have a look at the official news article: We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you updated if something changes. Kind regards, Nesnes & Dev Team

  • "Create a signature" contest!

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    Heya! Really great entries so far I've added them all to your posts so it shows the picture for those of you that don't know how to do that: when making a post go to "Attachments" then click "Upload" -> choose the picture, then click on "full Image"…ab6cde4d6a024854458ac72a1 I hope that helps! Kinds regards, Nesnes

  • Quote from noxmortus: “@Emii The table format is a vast improvement from the earlier presentation of the information. The current format can be improved to make it more readable. Team names should be on the 2nd column before player names and should be Bold. Doing the format that way improves it by: (a) making it clear that each row/line is a team, (b) draws people's attention to a team (c) avoids confusion that the team name is not some 7th player. Lastly, if you are going to delete my posts, ca…

  • Hello everyone! There is currently a problem with our launcher that we are actively working to resolve. For now, you can't start the game through the launcher, however, you can start it through the launch_albion_online.exe How do you find that file? Go to your file explorer and your local disc -> Program Files (x86) -> AlbionOnline -> game -> launch_albion_online.exe make sure you are using the launch_ exe and not the Albion-Online.exe The issue has been resolved and the Launcher can be used aga…

  • Dear Players, With the launch of the two new supported languages to the game, we are also once again looking for Moderators to help keep the designated chats and forums a user friendly environment. So if you speak either of those 2 languages fluently: - Japanese - Italian We would be more than happy to receive your application! Additionally, in order to be considered, you must speak sufficient English to communicate with the rest of the Moderator Team. Duties as a mod include, but are not limite…

  • Quote from notthinkingaboutit: “lol thanks, maybe the update is a new game... the game to find the delay notification it can be in game, on this site or on their discord, facebook, twitter, twitch and instagram sites too... ” actually, usually it's on all 3 platforms -> Forum, Discord and in the game Quote from Fredereiks: “Whaattsssss.... Nesnes you are really a GM? IM sorry my rudeness my majesty. i though you are really just a sounds on my heads ” surprise

  • Updated again, this time including Hotfix #1 of patch 5

  • Hello Everyone! Today, when Patch 5 was released, we encountered a bug that causes uninterruptible spells to be interrupted by forced movement effects. We would like to let everyone know that we are aware of the issue and are working actively to solve it. A fix will be ready and deployed with the next Maintenance, on the 26. August at 10UTC The issue has been fixed with Hotfix #1 of patch 5 We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Kind regards, Nesnes & Dev Team

  • Hello everyone, The Maintenance today has been delayed due to some technical issues. It will start at ca 10:50 UTC and will as usually last up to one hour. We are sorry for the inconvenience Kind regards, Nesnes & Dev Team

  • Quote from gwendady: “my IGN gwendady, i am from indonesia. the last 2 weeks my ping rise to 300-500. no change with my environment. i tried to figure out with change the ISP, but no different. when i play corrupted dungeons a few times, i got different ping for each dungeons, the first dungeons i got 300ms ping, the second fight i got 500ms ping. normally (before new update), i got 250-300ms ping. i tried to install on 3 devices (PC, macbook and android), i got the same ping (300-500ms) why wit…

  • Quote from ThreeHades: “Quote from Nesnes: “Known issues updated again Patch 4 has been released on August 9 bringing a bunch of changes and fixes Patch 4 Patchnotes ” Not a bug, I’m just saying this here because I feel like it wouldn’t be read otherwise in any other category I feel like, which is can the console expansion just happen already. Because I feel like a lot of issues in the game are usually related to hardware issues and software issues just colliding, and are fixed by hand, I feel l…

  • Old referral links are changing

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    Dear Founders, Recruiters, and Referrers, We have recently made changes to referral links, which means that instead of looking like this: "<referral code>" your referral link now looks like this: "<referral code>" For the time being, both links are still working, however, the old version will be disabled on the 1st of October 2022. For those of you who share their referral links through profile descriptions or similar, please make su…

  • Known issues updated again Patch 4 has been released on August 9 bringing a bunch of changes and fixes Patch 4 Patchnotes

  • Albion's high-stakes Crystal League competition returns with the Season 16 Crystal League Championship!…ab6cde4d6a024854458ac72a1 GENERAL INFO & TIMELINE The Championship will take place in the offseason between Season 16 and Season 17 on the following dates: Saturday, September 10: 17:00 - 20:45 UTC Sunday, September 11: 17:00 - 21:45 UTC - The above end times are approximate, depending on how long matches go on. - Battles will be full loot AND hard-capped at 1500…

  • Updated once more ~