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  • I think most people play spears for their versatility and flexibility to adapt to the enemy in combat. This out of nowhere change is not only a direct nerf to flexibility, it also makes the weapon more clunky to play. I would get it if 1h spears would reign the meta supremely, but honestly, I dont see this necessary. Even when I play other weapons against spears. I'd rather have my dmg reduced on E than losing flexibility in combat. The thing is, this is an action directly against the weapons de…

  • The spell could be quite cool, but it feels like from a game that came out 10 years ago with all the standtimes and stops. Seeing how fluent combat can be in stuff like LOL, it is quite amusing that this game still feels dated in animations and some ability mechanics. After all those years you would think that the game designers would do a better job at making skills usefull and smooth to use.

  • Axe nerfs

    Blowfeld81 - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Well, until next patch Paws got nerfed,too. As the E was broken and until next patch it does no longer reset E's CD when you hit players, making it a nerf for now.

  • Great, instead of fixing this issue (which is clearly NOT working as intended or somebody intended a broken mechanic) they just nerf one handed spears E instead on the test realm. Sometimes SBI's thoughts are a mystery

  • Thanks for bringing this to attention!

  • A lot of people in this thread cherrypick or present certain statistics in ways that fit their argument and hurt the soul of any statistican

  • Yeah, complained about this a while ago and hope that with the 2021 mount rework they give the Ram some love. I mean, there is no reason to use it besides style points

  • Quote from Xy3: “another silver sink but affect normal players not mega alliances, sad! while mega guilds/alliances make tons of silver from every asset in game u guys nerfing normal players, whats next buy lp,focus,fame??? ” No nerf they can introduce will ever affect vets and alliances in any meaningful way, as they have more money / gold than they need anyway. So in the end, all money sinks will most likely "hurt" the normal player more, which is intended, as then the more casual people will …

  • I share the views on this video.

  • Exploit has been fixed. But clever people will find other ways to scam stupid greedy people

  • Quote from Amerisch: “Decreased the amount of Tomes of Insight dropped by mobs by 10% <- There should be 50%... I can collect in one dungeon about 5-10 from the mobs when in rare chest is always just 2-5 of them. ” Did 15 CDs yesterday, total of 3 tomes of insight. You are either very lucky or exaggerating.

  • Cultist robe bugged

    Blowfeld81 - - Bugs


    Well, the patch notes and the ingame tooltip state 2 different things. And players most likely look at the tooltip ingame, to see if an item is worth, so I hope SBI fix the tooltip.

  • I hope the changes to CD will decrease ratting. I dont get the Silver changes, though. So, BM pays less for goods now but mobs drop more silver instead? And the cultist robe tooltip ingame still has not been fixed after more than a couple of months stating wrong values.

  • Cultist robe bugged

    Blowfeld81 - - Bugs


    Quote from Cazh: “Cultist robe says it heals you for 7.5% every 0.5 seconds, when in reality it heals every 1 second. This is literally half of the amount of healing that the description lists. Is the description bugged or is the item bugged? Either way this is a very bad inconsistency and needs to be resolved. ” I am quite confused about this, too. Heals way less than described in tooltip according to onscreen pop ups and combat log. EDIT: Checked in CD again: It skips half of the ticks. They c…

  • For 2 days now my game behaves differently. When I change maps they either load instantly and my ping is normal (120 EUW) or it takes up to 5 seconds to load and my ping will be 50 to 60 higher. Happens to all my chars. Blowfeld, Clonefeld, Clonedette. Happens on: All maps. Can replicate nonstop. It just feels like when I load a new map my data gets outsourced to another server with even worse ping. I can clearly tell what my ping will be when I see how long the loading takes place. This really …

  • Hi, since 2 days I have the following issue: As an EU player I usually have a ping of 120 and my maps load within a second on SSD. But now, sometimes my map takes 3 to 4 seconds to load and on the new map my ping is 180. When I cross to another map, I can always tell, depending on how long it loads, what my ping will be. Do you outsource to other servers that are even further away from EU now??? Other people in my language chat experienced the same. Can easily replicate by going in and out of ro…

  • New Q spell on Axes

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    Yeah, I would also like a visual indicator around my char instead of glancing down to see what symbol I have (when you look at them, they are very same-y, can you colour them red / orange / yellow for example); Now I try to learn the timings by heart, but with the games inconsistant ping, I miss out on dps to be on the safe side.

  • This should help you

  • The autoattack changes for Forge Hammers are nice, as they synergize well with your ult, but for Bear Paws it feels like a nerf to burst. Otherwise interested to see how the new Axe Q plays and if the changes to Battleaxe make it viable in PVP.

  • I would not mind if they touch BL damage a little, but pls do not touch its mobility, as that is the only thing giving me a chance to get away when I try to farm in red / black and get hunted down by 5 to 10+ ARCH guys.