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  • Hi Please help need a nature healer build to partake in faction warfare with random people as I am a solo player.

  • Hi From when can we start using a controller?

  • I am very concerned that tomorrow during the major zvz battles the server will actually explode......please go easy on the server she is very old and needs to be handled with more tender care.

  • With the whispering bow damage buff, cool down reduction and range loss, will assassin chest with attack speed passive, cool down passive or mage chest damage buff work best in general PVP situations such as dungeon diving with 5 man group, hell gate or GVG? Expert opinion needed.

  • I would like to suggest an additional slot on the character, here we can place brewed (alchemy) items to enhance our weapons and off hands. Example, you brew a type of poison that once activated coats the weapons with poison, or you brew a potion that has exploding fire ball ability off ranged weapon, or a potion that creates a force field from the shield you wearing. The ideas become infinite, these potions can be crafted using fishing, herbs and cooking, you can even add essence or rare drop m…

  • Awesome, thank you for the help.

  • Hi I have removed all my buildings and farms from my island, with the intention to move it from Carleon to Bridgewatch. Do I now go to travel merchant and click abandon If so will I have to pay again in Bridgewatch to set the island up Is there another relocate button

  • Hi Cursed users, Which cursed staff works the best in five man group doing AOE dungeon pulls? Thanks for the help.

  • @windvally @Fusionbomb Thank you both for alot of information that will really help me. Its very encouraging to see players taking time to share such valuable knowledge.

  • Hi Arcane Users I need help, there is not a lot of real Arcane users in game atm. I want to take it up in the hope that it will be needed by my guild. I would like someone to teach me how to use the Arcane staff effectively. So here are my questions; 1. What staffs should I use in each activity such as Faction Warfare Zerg, 5 to 10 man BZ dungeon dives, 5 man Hellgate fights & open world ganking while faction flagged? 2. What is the general step by step procedure when in combat? I tried by using…

  • Hi, I want to switch to the normal bow for PVP, what armor would be best suited for it in the current meta? I do not want to use my armor to boost its DPS as i believe armor should be used to protect me. Any suggestions would be great. I currently have Whispering Bow unlocked as level 76, however want a low cost build to compensate a lot of expected I know Warbow is better suited for PVP however I want to build something new. I will be running with a small Team of say 3-5. So bring…

  • Very cool video, nicely done matie or should I say Captian

  • Bump, please help need to find a good ocean fishing spot.

  • Awesome, thank you for the help

  • Hello Does anyone know which mobs drop the Badon Bow Artifact? Called Curved Bone. I know I can craft it but that is so expensive. Thank You

  • Hi, Anyone know the best setup within game to optimize your mouse setting to prevent miss clicking using bow? I keep clicking the mob to re-engage after a defensive move or select the next kill but click next to it causing my toon to run towards it

  • Frost Staff W Spells

    CommanderG - - Beginner's Questions


    Hi Is it my imagination, is the Frost Staff the only weapon with 3 x W spells? Seems all the other weapon classes and 4 or more So there is nothing to look forward to once reaching T6.

  • Hi I am looking for an active English speaking EU guild. I play everyday from 16:00 UTC to 20:00 UTC Please give me a shout, if you are recruiting and have active members on during these times.

  • Free Wipe Starting Fresh

    CommanderG - - Rants


    I definitely think my title is wrong, I tried to find a word that I have never heard before. Wipe means start fresh having lost everything for all players. I should have used the word re-roll which is optional and I like the way @MissBehave explains it. There are so many players happy with where they are right now and so it would be unfair to wipe the game and punish them. However there are many other players bored and not keen on starting over because they chose the wrong line of armour or weap…

  • Free Wipe Starting Fresh

    CommanderG - - Rants


    Well there you have it, two side of the coin so to speak. Just for the record, I have played this game solid for two and a half years, in this time had rank of Right Hand, Warmaster, Master of Coin for some large guilds, guess now I can add Jackal. Cool