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  • Bump. SBI really needs to look at the Rating Point system and matchmaking for the ranked crystal arena. As a mostly solo player, even with a 65% win rate my point gain has slowed to a crawl. Over my last 45 games, I won 29 and lost 16 (64.4% win rate) and only gained a whopping 29 rating points. I’m only silver ii, and anecdotally I hear it’s only going to get worse once I hit gold. Other solo players like myself report it to be practically impossible to progress past gold I as solo even with a …

  • Other than the avatar ring I’d like to see some kind of custom or unique statue for reaching crystal rank, maybe gold. Or a new skin each season for the arena banner. Can do large/med/small for crystal/gold/silver. One of those 90 day fame boost scrolls could be a nice incentive for crystal rank as well. Of course I hope SBI improves the matchmaking and gain/loss calculations for RP as suggested in the other thread on the topic.

  • Amazing post and stat keeping. I agree with all your points, gaining RP as solo queue once you hit silver 2 becomes practically impossible and the game forces you to 3 or 5 man queue to support a ~70% win rate to climb further. Also frustrating to see silver players with 40% win rates in terrible builds making some matches just straight up unwinnable. I try to make myself feel better about that because statistically those players should be on the other team 50% of the time giving me some free wi…

  • I would like to visit if you can add Grimhawke. Thank you in advance.

  • Can a second check on gear be implemented when someone has their arena queue pop and click the ready button? People should not be able to either intentionally or accidentally get into an arena match with no gear.

  • Quote from Caelsora: “Quote from Goltiat: “One could argue that every team gets the fair share of randomness and it will balance itself out in the long run but thats not the case because the RP system will hold you back even if you win. For an average win after you reach Gold I rank you will get 6 points, for a lose you get -16. Of course you get will this many points because of the difference between the RP amount of the players within the match but people who want to progress and play on the h…

  • Quote from boogiepop: “Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Players that are too far ahead of the curve in their bracket will now get far more Rank Points per win, regardless of the opponent’s team strength. And players who are not successful enough in their bracket lose Rank Points faster to avoid players' Rank Points overrating their skill level. ” I made a feedback & suggestions post here: New Matchmaking Feels Impossible to Climb Solo But I wanted to expand a bit more on what I am experiencing and a f…

  • I have one with two potential buyers who reached out to me directly. I have turned down a lot of previous offers, looking for one that I can’t refuse.

  • Quote from Equart: “Caerleon cape is not working properly also with stack Q spells. Imagine dagers Q spell with insta 2X stacks... would be nice ” That would be very strong for sure. Would really like to see them fix all these issues, I’m bored of always using thetford cape!

  • I’m not sure if it’s intended or not but since the war glove Q skills all can be recast with certain conditions met, the caerleon cape triggers it’s cool down but doesnt actually give you the ability to recast these combos without a cooldown For example, if I use dragon leap and hit an enemy, I don’t get a second dragon leap, My next Q is still an uppercut, but the cape treats the spell as if it is on cooldown and when I use the uppercut, I still have the 7s cooldown after. Maybe this is intende…

  • Bump. 35 max level personal islands available for rent. Looking for single long term renter, 28M per month. Willing to negotiate if you’re planning on renting long term

  • Confirming rent paid by @OVTSIDER for 37 islands in Caerleon 7/28-8/28.

  • The previous client version was great on iOS but this current update has terrible performance. Anytime a mob dies my client freezes and stutters. Destiny board also takes forever to open and if you try to open it right before you zone out of a dungeon you load into the zone like…921c59a5ca1da619bf80cde55

  • If I am already playing via the iOS test do I need to pre-register or re-download a new client?

  • Quote from Aarf: “Hello! I want to make an Order ” Sorry, all my islands are currently rented out. I will bump this thread if they become available again.

  • Confirming rent paid by @OVTSIDER for 21 islands in Caerleon for 30 days. April 28 through May 28. Confirming rent paid by @OVTSIDER for 26 islands in Caerleon for 30 additional days. May 28 through June 28. Confirming rent paid by @OVTSIDER for 26 islands in Caerleon for 30 additional days. June 28 through July 28.

  • Confirming rent paid by TheMasterBR for 5 islands in Fort Sterling for 30 days. April 25th through May 25th.

  • Confirming rent paid by @Crypt0Cuz for 10 islands, 90 days paid upfront (April 19 through July 17).

  • Personal islands for rent (any city)

    Grimhawke-EB - - Trade


    I have max level personal islands available for rent on a monthly basis (30 days) Current rates: 800k per island per month (aka 40k per plot per week) All rent must be paid up front. I will move islands to city of your choice. Please contact me on discord: Grimhawke #9254 UPDATE October 15th: 35 islands available.

  • Quote from Madhe: “but that is kind of useless to say, dash is nerfed into nothing ” I miss the old dash whose cooldown scaled with IP. Current version is so bad.