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  • Sold gold silver not received.

    Shainai - - Bugs


    I had just the oposite happen. I bought gold with silver and didn't recieve the gold. I put a buy order in a few hours ago, got the mail saying I bought 2100 gold. And no more gold in my account

  • I just came to see if there was a bug about this, I just bought 2100 gold, got the mail saying I bought it, no gold has shown up on my character. This isn't the same description as the op stated however. I have 2 characters A and B.. Character B put the buy order up, and received the mail while I was playing the same character I put the buy order up with.. I know for some 300k worth of silver may not be a lot to you, but to me this early on is huge to me.

  • Every Beta I've ever been in has had at least a final wipe before going live. Whether it's a free beta or a pay one like this one. To go into this thinking there wouldn't be a wipe before going live is illogical. Enjoy getting the knowledge going into release and with that knowledge you'll be steps ahead of newbs that come in when the game releases, in the mean time, enjoy the game, test all the features you can!