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  • arcane is not that strong in 1v1... try to watch your vod and fix your mistakes

  • Quote from JudgeNutmeg: “Into the Fray Patch 5 Combat Balance ChangesDaggers - Blood Ritual (Demonfang): - Enemy Damage: 126 -> 112 ” only -11.11%? Make it -20% and we are good

  • Quote from username1122233: “so 1 hitting anyone isnt overpowered? ok bro ” no, if a bunch of faction players on 4 flat gears clumping into 1 spot (aoe escalation damage) popping 0 defensives, does nothing to stop the galatine going in full stack and E, well, yes people will die, same thing would happen with another good dps weapon (go figure)

  • never meant to be a solo pvp weapon, you just figured it out. Not every weapon has to fit into every single content possible

  • no, try to use some defensive

  • Demonfang

    Frosty3z - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    homie go ahead and talk about bl nerf meanwhile the weapon is nerfed to shit compared back then, meanwhile the one that needed a nerf is demonfang's E

  • go to blue or yellow zones good job

  • maybe try to cancel the brim :wink: this combo is gone next patch anyway

  • Demonfang

    Frosty3z - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Quote from Asheraxia: “You know which weapon is really broken? ... and has been for years. BLOODLETTER! fix it before moaning about a weapon that has simply gained a little parity. ” LMAO bl is nerfed to shit compared to back then, maybe you should try to more iq points before playing?

  • The craziest thing about this patch is demonfang is yet to be nerfed, good one. Average OP weapon circle: Completely useless before nerf (optional) -> OP -> nerf (takes about 2-3 months) Example: Spiked Gauntlet

  • Demonfang

    Frosty3z - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    brainlet weapon that wipe your entire backline with a single E combo, yet to be nerfed. Royal sandals, run randomly into directions, maybe W, press E 2-3 times and kill all the clothies within a second, surely it is balanced, to the point that people use it in castle fight even thought it is a mdps weapon. Good one combat balance team

  • Quote from SBIALBION: “ - Undead Arrows (Whispering Bow) - Is now a Toggle ability, which means it can be purged - Now also increases Attack Speed by 10% - But while active the caster's defense is now reduced by 55% - Cooldown: 20s -> 35s - Magic Damage each Auto Attack: 50 -> 33 ” your suggestion make no sense, i assume you mald because you died to it in corrupted dungeon Quote from SBIALBION: “ - Purifying Combination (Fist of Avalon) - First Attack Damage: 78 -> 22 - Third Attack Damage: 235 …

  • love it when people mald about an emergency downtime an hour before the actual downtime...

  • for the people above asking for compensation, fyi sbi wont do that, tho chances are if you have video of people doing that to you they will get temp/perma banned prior to this post

  • you are asking way too much for a chill non-lethal pvp game mode, at best they gnna do is fix the matchmaking system (and you gnna wait 10 patches for that), other than that asking for better reward and tradable reward is just laughable

  • deserved nerf in fire staff, disgusting amount of damage (which you can already see from the people that is malding about the nerf, using it in CDs), same thing in RP arena, spam fire brrrr q w brrrr easy RP, crystal, and in zvz?! fire staves (brimstone, infernal) drop Q W a few time and people HP went down to 50%, already dying before the fight start and demonfang aswell.. rofl that took them long enough to nerf it in a patch instead of hotnerf right away

  • Quote from ToughStrayDog: “lol, they could have just rolled back for their own mistakes and send every online players bit gold or skin and everyone s happy. Now they makes things much more difficult. These 500 guys are kind of the symbols of punishment only, while the rest of others who abused that bit slightly can get rid of it. Feeling sorry about those guys who spent few hundred millions on it. I 100% support this should be punished. But the punishment is too huge for some of them. ” yes plea…

  • Quote from EANjshdusda: “Quote from Hantea: “its so funny that players are malding about their money sinked in a legit bug to exploit it, i mean what did u expected, sbi giving you a reward for that? ” Classic Racism. The bug was happening at prime time in Asia time zone. That's why. ” Chinese is not a race fyi (he said players are malding because.. obviously the whole thread is like 99% broken english mixed with texts that didn't even need any translation, to know that they are malding that the…

  • guys it isn't me, i did not make like 10 crafting alts and 10 combat accounts to sell on g[redacted] for money!!1!1 pls trust me and refund my silver :cry_emoji: and i for sure was not aware of the bug at alllll and spent hundred millions to billions worth of silver on tome guys!

  • Quote from solventh: “Quote from yaaseth: “Dont let people use journey back after they looted a body. This change should focus on pve players that want to play solo. ” what else do you want to be removed? lets remove pvp altogether, shall we! ” insane comprehensive reading skill you got there I see Quote from cwchp: “Quote from DeanClone: “Is the portal invisibility duration too long? ” Are you people going to fix this invisibility duration? You can enter in stati…