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  • Sbi said this year they would Focus on solo gameplay. Half year has passed.

  • i think he is saying instead of heroic charges you put a debuff on the target that increases your move/attack speed if you are moving towards the player with the debuff.

  • Usually because it's cheese as fuck.

  • your meta CD translation here.…23d7b26d55cc7916b2cdce04a Dont try to make healer viable for 1v1 For the rest. I dont think heroic charge should be nerfed, the only problem is pre stacking. with heroic charge nerfed sword will be garbage. Trinity really needs a nerf, the range Q2 nerf is a really good idea, you cant have that range with that auto attack damage it's too strong.

  • Make frost shot 20s cd qnd everything Will be fine

  • that's fine i guess, not every weapon should be corrupted dungeon viable. they cant balance everything around 1v1. spirit hunter is clearly a aoe spell so that should not work in 1v1 fights. same for trinity spear, it's a group buff weapon. they shouldn't be balancing the game around corrupted dungeon. it they want that, make the corrupted dungeon balance different from open world.

  • Demonfang?!?!?

    fareuei - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    7 seconds is a lot of time to react dont you think?

  • Cosmetics? NDA Update

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    good take

  • If the problem is with 2 hand spear, nerf the 2 hand auto attack damage. Or at least buff Heron and daybreaker E

  • i'm sure they balance the game based on instanced content like hg/corrupted/crystal.

  • Thanks 8.3 abusers. Now they'll chance the weapon and Spears/broadsword Will fall in other contents. Rip

  •…23d7b26d55cc7916b2cdce04a…23d7b26d55cc7916b2cdce04a You lost to a spear with 200ip(on the weapon probably more) more than you and think it was cripple? and then u tried the build yourself and lost again. Spear is only OP with high IP because of the scaling, otherwise you need to know what you're doing.

  • Quote from Sorutkan: “Quote from fareuei: “Some suggestions ppl give in this forums makes the albion balance team looks good. Carving shred with 3 stacks is really high and u can combo It with another abilities in a Small scale fight. ” thank god also some people like you make me smile when i look to mirror.. i have like 5k hours with carving and there is no one says it should be more strong or something like that you dumb nerd ” u smile looking at the mirror? let's rework a useful weapon to mak…

  • Quote from Langerrrr: “I think the real problem of dagger line is, the mobility buff of Q2 should not only a slight jumping, but a practical skill to capture someone. When u try to use Q2 to keep near to a moving enemy, u mostly fail. It is uneasy to let non-dagger players believe this phenomenon. The developer really need to carefully rerererere-check this weapons. ” Yeah this phenomenom should be checked by the ghostbusters

  • a 20% passive slow is too much. in my opnion the problem with daggers started when they added the Q2 and nerfed dash to the ground. it changed the core idea of the tree which should be an assassin weapon and not brawling weapon.

  • Some suggestions ppl give in this forums makes the albion balance team looks good. Carving shred with 3 stacks is really high and u can combo It with another abilities in a Small scale fight.

  • Please do this SBI

  • Quote from Back.Off.Immortal: “It should be nerfed, I think. But not in such a way. A long time ago SBI announced bolts hit-boxes reworks. But the only two skills, they reworked, were War Bow arcane arrow and crossbow silence shout. Other bolts, including a harpoon, hit the target when it is completely missed. At least visually. Making its hitbox similar to warbow E should be enough, I think. +5 sec cooldown is too much. Kiters will feel too free against a spear ” This would be fine

  • fire e with silence

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    Retroman i know this is the Rants section and people tend to be more aggressive here. But i'll try to give some constructive feedback. I never saw fire spells in other mmos causing silence, It was always slow/stuns. Considering that, make the trail instead of causing silence, it slows ppl at like two thousans billion percent. So instead of walking normal people start to do like a moonwalk inside the fire trail, walking backwards. Thanks for ur hard work, we're loving it. Keep going.