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  • Trying to update my payment information, don't see a way to input the new credit card info. Tried to submit a support ticket, gave me an 'Invalid csrf token' error. Still need to update my payment info to avoid interruption to the subscription. Previous CC was set to expire this month. Have a new one, can't find where to input it.

  • Exactly what the subject says. Go into the portal to enter Martlock bank, end up in the Marketplace. Go into the Market portal, end up in the bank.

  • Agreed. Can't even browse the Marketplace in Caerleon without it stuttering all over the place. This is at 12PM, Pacific Standard, so not even during prime time. It is laughingly bad that your game can't handle this or that you didn't plan on 300+ people being in the same zone. It'll only get worse as the day continues.

  • After the Joseph patch hit, there were groups of players sitting in the Marketplace rooms, especially seen in Caerleon, that would spam spells and abilities to kill FPS for everyone around them. There were even comments from others "rip frames lol" and such. I'm just trying to browse the Marketplace in peace and now I'm getting griefed. Make a dueling area? Just remove the ability to use spells other than Mount/Dismount/Food? Thanks for looking into this!

  • Quote from Strange: “I've added a browser for the market data - thanks to everyone who is running the client. If you are interested in helping keep the data up to to date, just install the client and run it in the background while you browse the market. ” Hey there Strange. I've checked out your site, but no prices are coming up anywhere on it. Do I need to be running the client first? I'm confused about actually being able to see the data. Thanks!