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  • Quote from Elsa: “It is not intended that you are unable to leave the zone with the safety bubble active. We are looking into this and will make changes with an upcoming update. ” what about 2vs2 HG Elsa? the problem is pretty similar, one guy that destroy others experience by stealing and running, there are many topics about it already and I can't see any position from the dev team about it.

  • @Abydon When will that happen? Giving small guilds the opportunitie to parcticipate on crystal GVG is awesome.

  • Fix the 2v2 hell gates (GNS)

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    1 - make it impossible to go in alone on 2vs2 HG - (it's a 2vs2 content, it's kown that 99% of solo players goes to steal and run, not to fight, and that's not the purpose there) 2 - Change the round shape of it, an infinite route is not the best idea for a fight and opens too much space for these runner builds. (again people that does not want to fight) 3 - Minimum IP There are many threads about how frustrating and how bad it is today the way it is, I can't see any dev sayng anything about it,…

  • @GrayMo fix the 2vs2 HG!

  • Vanity & Customization

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    we need the focus on what's not good enough to become excellent (like 2vs2 HG). Bringing a whole new system while you guys can't fix easy stuff is just very disappointing. I don't want to be all negative here, I can see good stuff as continuous weapon balance (altough you guys have a really bad hand for it) diversificating the meta. New solo content, new mobs, new spells... but still sad to see the HG 2vs2 being kinda of a race instead of a fight, new horse won't make it less frustating...

  • Vanity & Customization

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    that was a terrible idea to be able to use a t8 armored horse skin on a t5 armored horse and vice-versa.

  • Percival is Live!

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    So, you guys from the dev team saw that the 2vs2 HG chest needs more fame, but nothing about protecting the loot to stop rats that goes in to do NOT fight? is that serious? do you guys need any professional help? do you guys even test your own game?

  • I guess the main subject here is about consensual PVP, that's what HG is about, CONSESUAL PVP. If one part does not want to fight... they should not be able to get ANY loot, that's simple, that would stop those people that goes there to try to steal loot only. No win = no loot the way it is today is just ridiculus (Fire the guy who did that please), I can't get my partner's loot, cuz it's protected, but the enemy can get all the loot...

  • Quote from Drazhen: “I run HG both solo and duo and as 2 we had 0 solo escaping us or stealing our loot, an absolute 0 - maybe you need to gather more information about the game before commenting, this is a learn to play/anticipate/adapt issue. My most memorable 1v1/2 fights since the launch of the game were in 2v2 HGs since the buff, it's also solid content for small scale pvp around the HG areas. ” maybe you have a good build to chase them, not everyone wants to change their build for a "runne…

  • Quote from Qualotor: “Alright so this is getting ridiculous, first of all, Great nature staff HAS TO get nerf, im talking about Living armor of course, the skill should be nerf from 8sec to 4sec On top of that, those morons who go into hellgates and steal the loots in the middle and run away, THE MIDDLE CHEST NEED a 2 mins loot protect, so the first person or team that kill the chest can loot there stuff, its so stupid to see people going in the middle and stealing the loot then run away, by add…

  • that just would not happen if they make it right. Why would you go with 2 healers if you know you can't win and won't have any loot by not winning.

  • Quote from Abydon: “Quote from outfit: “Quote from Drama420: “another evening of 2v2 HG, 18 made and 12 rats met... nice 2v2 content -.- wellcome to running, windwall and smoke bomb simulator... ” thats the thing, it's not about "let them play their style", it's just not a style... their are ruinning others gamers experience, something that should be cool is really upseting. ” Just bring a Black Hands and kill the rats. ” homeless? just buy a house! That's not the thing... bringing a black hand …

  • Quote from Drama420: “another evening of 2v2 HG, 18 made and 12 rats met... nice 2v2 content -.- wellcome to running, windwall and smoke bomb simulator... ” thats the thing, it's not about "let them play their style", it's just not a style... their are ruinning others gamers experience, something that should be cool is really upseting.

  • as more than 50% of 2vs2 HellGates nowdays you will find one of those rats alone, it really doesn't surprise me at all to see people posting here that it is great like it is, just run after them for 10 min and counter them... sure! let's remember what we are talking about here HellGates = Consensual PVP - it means both sides want it!

  • because that still not the point, it doesn't matter if it's a druid, if it's a rappier, if it's 2 druids... There are changes that can be done to avoid this unsportsmanlike behaviour, the intenttion there is not to do an endless run after one guy that does not want to fight.

  • the map design itself could counter those runners if it was not round (circle). Sayng anything about bringing more gear to counter one guy that's not there to fight does not make sense for me, really. The thing is, the way it is today is really frustating for those who are seeking PVP.

  • Quote from Maes: “Just bring a flat 4 counter rat set with you, anti heal weapons or purges to kill them, or windfalls and pushes to keep them out of the loot. Alternatively accept the free fame and go back in. The solution to require 2 enter is dumb, what if someone interrupts 1 player from entering the gate? 1st player gets ported out? If its in the party why wouldn't a rat just invite a friend to the group and keep ratting? Finally you think 1 rat is bad, if you could check for all others cas…

  • Quote from Tabor: “The design issue is the circle. The players can infinitely run in a circle never needing to back track or running into a dead end. The original HG design where each team just loaded into a side would fix this issue. However they would also need to probably change the mini boss design to go along with this as well. ” I agree, the circle design colaborates a lot for it, but they also need to make it impossible to go in alone, it must be 2 to make the fight happen, as I said, whe…

  • it's just very frustating to go expecting a fight and meet a runner inside, or someone that will even try to steal the main loot, and then run again... @Dev team - Do you guys want HG to be very frustating at 50% of the times? sometimes even more, really! I guess everyone does know the answer here... so ACT!

  • Quote from Gank: “All I see are lazy entitled players trying to dictate who can or cannot access high value content. It is so easy to stop rats by bringing flat 4 items in your bag. ” you are probably one of those rats that think thats awesome to destroy others experience by going there with the clear purpose to RUN