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  • Cursed Staffs - Removed the ability Field of Death (Demonic Staff) - Added a new E-slot Ability: Anguished Soul (Demonic Staff) - Send an Anguished Soul in targeted direction, passing through all enemies. - Deals 175 magical damage. - Any enemy hit will be feared for a duration based on the amount of Vile Curse Charges on them. - Vile Curse Charges: 0 / 1 / 2 /3 / 4 - Fear Duration: 0.4s / 0.8s / 1.2s / 1.6s / 2s Why are you guys reworking Field of Death? It was not a bad skill, it just needed a…

  • I think it's fair, if both dies by any means at the end of the battle it somehow a 'draw' Be careful with those 1h cursed staffs!!

  • Amazing changes! I'm really excited to use the new guardian helmet. It will be fun to use it as sort of 'anti burst' instead of 'pasive regeneration in combat'. Finally it's an 'emergency' skill. Could you guys revise Demonic staff E skill? Doesn't affect the healing done by cultist robe levitate skill.

  • Cultist nerf

    Yuuhl - - Feedback & Suggestions


    While it's true that it heal less than before i think most people aren't using the skill correctly. In almost every fight i had in corrupted dungeons against cultists robes they just levitate on my face, so i can freely spam damage on them. Most weapons have some sort of CC or mobility, and can use it to get distance and levitate at least a second safely, even more if using the map at your favor. Levitate while face tanking your enemies isn't optimal but you can use it for stalling and getting y…

  • -Great Hammer- looks really good for corrupted dungeons, this build is for scaping and using the map at your favor, but it's up to your skill how good it will be. ---Weapon--- Q- You choose. W- Dash with slow: has low damage but you can scape and apply a big slow at the same time, Can easily pop traps too. E- Dash with stun.: Low Damage, decent stun, can get enemies in damaging traps with ease. Passive- Energy gain on hit: so you can Spam all day. ---Helmet--- -Guardian Helmet to counter Light b…

  • there will be an update soon?

  • It's a decent idea

  • Claw Bruiser Build

    Yuuhl - - Beginner's Questions


    I would change that emergency heal for block to mitigate burst damage and wanderlust for Sprint. (That 60% speed bonus for 10 secs/ 30 secs cooldown) I think it's a fun build to play. You can go up to 75% bonus attack for some secs.

  • State of the Game: Galahad

    Yuuhl - - News Archives


    Is it viable that only the elite mobs can execute? This way it is feasible to play safe as long you have precaution. And if the weapon/armor lose 1% of maximum durability every time you die with it equiped? That way playing in blue is still safe but your equipment is not eternal. Sorry, probably Google translate and noob opinions isn't a good combination.