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  • i've been on the game since ss 3 till now !! I can understand that you guys focusing on the big pie cause of money issue . And i can understand that cause SEA arent munch back then ! But with the F2P Launch , YOu guys have drawned lots of SEA Players to the game !! Dont let it go to waste

  • The time for outpost catsle are too munch for us SEA players , it happened at 16Utc , and 19 utc , which is 11PM / 2AM in our place. Orther times is at the working times , We only ask that if you guys can give us a reasonable time for us SEA players to participate in the game too . Right now the hardcore content focused a lot for NA / NU Players . And for Us SEA Players , there'r a lot of problems !!!! If You can ! PLease push back the time to 14 / 16 utc . Or something like that so we - the SEA…

  • Can any1 answer me , Are all the Warhorse gonna be transfer into skins too ? I saw Warhorse are being sold on Sv Test . And it's not on the List of becoming Skins . But they r Skins we can bought with gold in Sv Test , So im a bit confused

  • it's not worth to buy ! until they remove all the PvP / Full loot out of our game !!! kidding buy it

  • Dear Devs , i love albion , to me , Pve do need some changes About pve . here is my opinions . Nọt talking about sandbox , but all the orthers RPG as well . Why aren't their Pve so boring at all . First we should look at the core systems . They use levels for their character's growth ( we use fame ) . and they have lot's of lvl , so , they will farm them self up , go to another spot , explore the world . And at the time their lvl up , they will go to another zone consistently , - At lvl 1 -5 the…

  • Hey Albion . i know you guys r busy cause of the DDOS attack ! Buttttt . why can't you guys fix the disconnect bug when you guys just zone through another zone ? i mean the bug is there from beta 2 till now ! why can't you guys see that and FIX that freeking bug ? Just saying and asking . Cause i lost 2m silver today while transfering . Normally im not this tilted ! Sometimes i gain something ! sometimes i lost something ! BUT i lost it cause of the FUCKING disconnect when zonening to another fu…

  • new bug gj albion :D

    KaionLuong - - Bugs


    Have you tried to open the option on ur client . Chose Repair client ? i got this bug before and i just need to restart the program and im fine @@

  • new bug gj albion :D

    KaionLuong - - Bugs


    Close your game , then try to open the game . reconnect . If that still dont work , restart your computer and start the game again

  • hmmmm ... so you mean 6 7 man chasing 1 gatherer to kill him is a decent game , not to me i think , you guys dies cause you guys dont know the map at black zone , ur not bringing ur best mount to gather there , who the hell bring t3 horse to black zone and gather anymore ? and it's Black zone ! get over it when you die , doing this now just make it became a carebear game . And i am a Gather in black zone , dont tell me im a ganker or some shit lel

  • I have this problem too , please fix ( have 165gb free from disk D ( which is the place i installed the Game ) and 16 gb free in Disk C)

  • Discconect Bug

    KaionLuong - - Rants


    Im not gonna rant munch about this , WTF hey ? i am playing , got DC everytime i zone in a CITY , i have to wait for 1 hours each time . FIX THIS DC THINGS WHEN WE ENTER THE CITY OR A ZONE WITH BIG NUMBER OF PLAYERS , THIS BUG HAD BEEN ON THE GAME FOR FOREVER. ok im done

  • but i like the " fighting for the t4 plank " moar :))

  • i would love you guys to bring back the Tierx+1 gear to fame , it will be nice to have nice loot in open world , then 5 guys with t4 gear faming nonestop in black zone , get lots of fames , and when they die they lost nothing . it would make the player have to pay more attention when they r faming too . And remove the name tag you can see when some1 running near you ( but not on your map ) it make the game not fun anymore ...

  • i'm just asking this , dont know if it's a good place to ask , But here i go , We fame a lot in this game , mostly 80% of our time in albion ( till t8 ) is faming , and because of the dungeons , we fight the same kind of mobs in every dungeon . in Morgana dungeon , from t4 to t6 to t8 , there's nothing new , just same mobs, same skill , look a bit different but basically the same kind of mobs . Same for the undeads , and keepers. What i'm trying to say is , make the mobs in the dungeon , the fac…

  • So we can check all of our trade on the website when the game release ? What about trading history ? i think it is needed somehow , cause there's a lot's of time i want to checked who did i trade or what i traded , btw if we can check our market history on website it's awsome xD tks for hard work

  • i'm just wondering . Is it better to have a History tab for Trading , and Selling / Buying Stuff in Market ( we should have 2 tabs . Selling / Buying tabs in market . and each tabs will show us the location we sold / buy our goods ) ? It will help the mercenary play style ( like me , my friends ) and help the orthers players alot to keep track on their silvers / golds , their stuff ....v.....v......