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  • 1 Handed Curse Counter

    MlghtySalmon - - Beginner's Questions


    Everything mentioned is good, also if you can interupt E cast with cc. Pay attention to animations for spell don’t panic about stacks all the damage is loaded into one skill.

  • These could be crafted with stone so as to make it not so much a worthless resource. Doesn’t have to be gamebreaking just something similar to the capes a few different passives to choose from but more importantly we make stone great again.

  • Yes please buff these transports, I enjoy killing them.

  • I will agree I prefer the old resource look

  • I was waiting until I tried it out to comment on cursed changes Vile Curse Hit delay feels awful compared with before if someone could explain why this was necessary that would be great. Cursed Tar 10% slow is not enough to really justify using this skill, slow missle speed and has cast time so I’ll probably just stick with Q1 which sucks, stuck with single target short range no mobility, and buildup of stacks to deal good damage meanwhile gloves exist. still stuck with desecrate for solo pvp to…

  • Gloves are fucking bs

    MlghtySalmon - - Rants


    So much damage mobility knockups interrupts cc low cooldowns engage disengage, we get it they’re stylish and you’re proud of your creation but you need to fix them. They’re god dam broken

  • T8 Mules

    MlghtySalmon - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Mule is clearly best most handsome mount, we should have higher tier mules similar to horses so we can ride off into the sunset. Heretic Mules is no substitute for a true T8 handsome mule with 125% speed and capacity for load. And for the love of god don’t make it some frilly white mule just copy paste same handsome skin into a new sexy beast

  • After the magic staff redesign maybe a full armour redesign with two unique skills per armour and give plate a pvp passive or something instead of two pve options only. More skills more interesting builds, the current balance of armour is fine imo but more choices are always welcome

  • Cursed tar, I haven’t had a chance to test anything but 10% slow seems pointless. Even the 20% from hit and run I hardly notice when this skill procs.

  • Quote from ThreeHades: “I have seen a lot of problems on Albion Online such as SBI seemingly ignoring obvious issues with the current state of mobile. Legit the game on mobile is currently absolutely garbage and SBI has not even thought about mentioning it in a dev talk. They are just passing a blind eye to the current state of it and the people that played Albion Online mobile are quitting. I just want to play the game that I played a year ago which was basically perfect on mobile other than a …

  • Dev Talk: Magic Staff Overhaul

    MlghtySalmon - - News


    Quote from ThreeHades: “Quote from VseOtlichno: “Quote from Good_vs_Evil: “summon ability ” Please, no summoning spells in Albion. The server can't handle the load... ” Good vs evil doesn’t really know much about Albion so ye I kinda agree that the server can’t handle it. Legit the guy said Albion is a top notch MMORPG to the world, and then I said then SBI would have to make separate servers if it was in the top MMORPG’s and then he went and said “there is a megaserver for a reason”, man’s don’…

  • I’m on the fence about this, it would be cool to have the appearance of some of the more aesthetically pleasing gears that I never use to run around and play with, maybe keep it to within armour class vanity fiend robe for my cleric robe but not vanity guardians armour I dunno people already run around as spooky skeletons with pumpkin heads and everyone inspects players, but I don’t always inspect players so a quick visual que is still helpful.

  • Philanthropy buff forces players with high reputation to donate to beggars in town Glorious: 1,000,000 Noble: 750,000 Virtuous: 500,000 Reputable: 250,000 Neutral: 125,000 Reeson glorious playter is have lot silver so think maybe other playter have lot silver too everyone has great time expieren maybe other playter have great time too maybe donate to bad player to make them change playte style.

  • Quote from Fabrizziou: “Quote from MlghtySalmon: “Buffs across the board for all mage weapons, melee scum is far too dominant with mobility, movement steroids and dumb whacking animations, may they all perish and turn into tiny skeletons. ” imagine don't be able to deal with melees lololololol ” imagine taking this as anything other than a joke lolololol imagine to start a sentence needs to die a slow death

  • Buffs across the board for all mage weapons, melee scum is far too dominant with mobility, movement steroids and dumb whacking animations, may they all perish and turn into tiny skeletons.

  • I don’t think it needs to be changed, I’ve changed many times and it doesn’t take long to get back to prestige rank. Ranks are essentially a vanity in this game just change to play with your friends. This game definitely doesn’t need anymore ways to sink silver.

  • Skill shots on mobile while CC’d

    MlghtySalmon - - Bugs


    Possibly this is not a bug but If you are In the process of aiming a skill shot then get cc’d/ silenced whatever then the reticle becomes unresponsive and drags slowly and not where you are aiming causing you exit out of skill and re aim most of the time, not always is the X to deselect skill is available either when this happens. I don’t know how to video this happening otherwise I would show you what I mean maybe others have this problem as well.

  • I Agree buff the mob fame, make it worthwhile to adventure the roads, most of the time in roads is just aimless wandering and a waste of your playtime, there’s also too few gathering nodes.

  • Loot protection

    MlghtySalmon - - Feedback & Suggestions


    (Hidden Content)Im getting pretty tired of killing someone only to have it picked clean by someone riding by because I can’t mount and all my movement is on cd and he died more than 2 feet away from me or rats milling about in chests not fighting but still getting the spoils for their zero risk. There’s loot protection for faction players why can’t we have it just in general it doesn’t have to be long maybe 20 seconds but enough time that if I do the dirty work I hopefully get a reward.

  • Life and fate by Vassily grossman.